Online transmission of “contraceptive remedies” is not desirable]

[“First Seven After Eight” Safe Contraception?
Online transmission of “contraceptive remedies” is not desirable]

Can Coke kill sperm?

Put musk-flavored tiger bone paste on the lower abdomen and drink toilet water to prevent contraception?

Recently, a certain Internet forum raised a round of heated discussions on the topic of contraception. While discussing how to use scientific and effective contraception, many netizens have also actively recommended various “folk recipes” and “family recipes.”

In order to make the scientific consensus method evidence-based, the National Population and Family Planning Commission’s China Population Publicity and Education Center and Merck’s China-affiliated Mafulong brand recently jointly launched the first domestic consensus blue book, the Blue Care Intimate Guide.

The guide brings together well-known experts in the field of reproductive health at home and abroad, and adopts an easy-to-understand method to systematically target the public’s error areas in contraceptive methods and carry out scientific consensus knowledge education, such as the use of modern short-acting oral contraceptives.

At present, many netizens are willing to share their consensus methods and experiences with others, but many of them are not necessarily scientific and reasonable. Some “remedies” have no scientific basis, leading to a very high risk of unwanted pregnancy.