I lost my soul in online dating

I have been unable to distinguish the distance between dreams and reality. Ever since I was obsessed with the internet and then the woman named Mei Ying, I have been between dreams and reality.

I ca n’t help thinking of the message she left me from time to time that gave me an unforgettable message: Give me your hands. That ‘s the footprint of my life. The strong support for your smile is the brightest glow after the rain. It reflects my loneliness.The life without much applause is brilliant and clear. Actually I don’t know who she is and where she came from, but I know her sensitivity and quality, know her pain and struggle for her, and I will never lose her.

  The fascination with the Internet started with the fascination with Meiying. I didn’t expect that I would get so deep. Before, I still laughed at those who were trapped in the network and couldn’t extricate themselves. Now I am not only trapped, but also trapped without medicine.save.
  Just looking at the net name, I can see that she is a vulgar woman with a scent of cold plums. After a few words of chance, I can’t help but focus on her.

Of course, this is not enough to love, because I have a wife and children. Although I work alone in a different place, I ca n’t help thinking about her mother and daughter at all times, especially in the dead of night.With Meiying, everything is different.

  I often use the net name of the lone swordsman to hang in the chat room. When I have time, I hang there quietly to watch other people chat. Of course, this kind of scolding-based chat, I will never be bothered to breed and enter, II ‘m not just interested in watching conversations. Maybe I want to find something, but what can I find? When there are countless leisurely days or nights, I hung there with some inexplicable anticipation for another hour an hourAfter the earth passed, I was so empty that I did n’t even own the soul. When I was disappointed more than once, maybe I had too much hope. I still look forward to it at a certain time some day, just like this oneMei Ying appeared at a little sign.

  It was she who took the initiative to talk to me. I never took the initiative to talk to people. Because I was bored with more public chats, there was no interest in anyone to take the initiative to chat.

  Mei Ying: Why don’t you just talk and just wait and see?

  Me: Because it’s boring.

  Mei Ying: Some people say that boredom means that no one can talk, neither do you?

  Me: To some extent it is.

  Mei Ying: Then you must be lonely.

  Me: Not everyone understands loneliness.

  Mei Ying: Not everyone is lonely. How can your loneliness flow?

  I’m lonely?

  Mei Ying: Some people say that loneliness cannot flow without tears. How does your loneliness flow?

  I was speechless for a while, like a clever person, a few words evoked my desire for personality.

  Mei Ying said that she is a person who likes to read books.

She said that she enjoyed reading since she was a child, and Jane has become obsessed. Now she still says that she has two wishes. One is to grow up and buy melon seeds and the other is to grow up and read. She says that her wishes have been fulfilled.
Then we talked about the books we had read, the classic sentences, the joy of those characters, and we transformed them to be happy and sad together.

  Her frankness and talkativeness are very appealing to me, and she is still a teenager in her teens, which makes me a little more favorable. Now there are not many people who like to read books. To be honest, those who chat online sayIn three words, first ask what you do, age, place of residence, completely what, and nakedly ask you if you have money but no money, which will make you nauseous.

Her hobby resembles me so much that I became attached after just a few words.

  When she was gone, I wrote down the line typed on her screen: I wanted to play the harp, I hated the ignorance reward, I felt nostalgic, and dreamed of staying in the middle of the night.

  Will she come?

I look forward to it with enthusiasm, but I waited for her for three days without seeing her. When I wandered in the chat room anxiously and helplessly, I had to make an expression from time to time to attract people.Note that I do n’t recognize her because I’m afraid she changed her screen name.

Those small expressions made countless times have attracted too many people to talk to me, but they only talked about them in general, like the police questioning the account, I had to hide and not talk, full of disappointment, and full of expectations for Mei Ying,Hope she comes.

  It’s been three days since I saw Mei Ying for the second time. These three days are as good as the years. I can hang myself in the chat room as long as I have time. Fortunately, my unit can also access the Internet and the office.I am alone, but three days have passed, and I still ca n’t see Mei Ying. When her anxiety made me almost despair, I suddenly discovered that I had such a deep attachment to her.unprecedented.

  It was more than seven o’clock on the third night. Soon after I turned on my apartment, I finally saw a passerby changing the name into Meiying, and it still hung there without talking. I walked up carefully to chat.
  Me: Hello, Mei Ying!

  Mei Ying: How are you.

  Me: How are you?

  Mei Ying: Not at all.

Just blindly!

How about you

  Me: No!

  Mei Ying: Why?

  Me: Because you didn’t come.   Mei Ying: Why, you are also poor, then I’m gone.

  Me: Don’t, don’t, listen to me.

  Me: What I said is true. Since the last chat, I think you are a smart woman with snow and ice. I have been online for so long. I first met someone like you because you and I have the same hobbiesI remember your hate for ignorance, I also want to say, no matter how bad the singer is, no one is a confidant.