10 autumn and winter tonic rich facial mask cream

Rich facial mask is a skin care product you must have in autumn and winter.

Undoubtedly, autumn and winter are the best time for body replenishment. The skin needs the most energy and care in this season.

But how can the benefits be achieved?

Rich facial mask is the most important, most effective and convenient way to nourish!

However, you can’t be blind. Almost every brand will have a cream mask. How to choose and how to use the best effect?

Take a look at our suggestions.

  Why is Fengrun Mask the first choice?

  The mask has the effect of intensive care, but the advantages of the mask cream in autumn and winter are definitely greater than the paper mask, because the weather in the autumn begins to become dry, cold, the body’s resistance is reduced, the skin oil and moisture are reduced,The effect of instant hydration is superior, but the dry skin in this season cannot be solved by simply hydrating. You must rely on “oil supplement” to protect the evaporation of water. “Oil supplement” becomes the key to moisturizing. This is a nourishing cream.Masks are better than anyone else.

The cream mask has a protective cover for the skin seal. Among them, there are also moisturizing plant essential oils, ginseng, witch hazel, rosehip oil, and soy protein, which are ingredients that warm up and improve skin cell resistance, compared to paper.Masks rarely have these ingredients, these thicker than thicker paste is more easily absorbed.

The temperature of the cream mask makes the skin feel more comfortable in the cold winter. This has to be another absolute advantage over the cold paper mask.

  What are the magical effects of Fengrun Mask?

  Moisturizing + Cleansing-Moisturizing is self-evident. The moisturizing effect of the cream mask is super good. The moisturizing ingredients can be deeply implanted into the cell lipid under the skin under the action of the thick paste.More lasting.

The paste mask is applied to the skin to change the thickness of the skin, and the epidermis is heated to soften the keratinocytes. The pores are opened and detoxified, which has a thorough cleaning effect.

  Activate microcirculation-this is also a special feature of the rich cream mask. The thick paste forms a closed space on the surface of the skin and raises the temperature of the epidermis, thereby promoting skin microcirculation. At the same time, some nourishing cream masksMany substances added to activate and promote metabolism can enhance the skin’s resistance.

  Brightening complexion-The principle of the rich cream mask can repair the cuticle of the skin. In addition to softening the old cuticle and cleaning the skin, the nourishing ingredients will regenerate the cuticle and the aging cuticle like cement, evenly.The adhesion is smooth, so the skin will glow healthy after use.

  Soothing allergies-The cream mask can be used wherever there is a problem on the skin, and it can be rescued at any time. It is a special feature to apply it freely. A soothing cream mask is best to soothe allergic skin.

  How to maximize the performance of a rich facial mask cream?

  Get horny conditioning first-if you have n’t done a mask for a long time, then use a mild exfoliating product before using the mask, this can save the burden of the creamy mask and let it focus on penetrating the nutrients; if you keepUse the moisturizing mask cream once or twice a week on a regular basis. You can use the skin toner and cotton pad to adjust the skin’s horniness before use.

  Thick layer-don’t be distressed. Thick thick layer of creamy rich mask can maximize the effect, because only a certain thickness can form a sealed exchange space on the skin surface.

  You can also add points like this-after applying the thick mask, you can use a piece of plastic wrap to cover it. Note that you must cut out the ventilation holes for breathing beforehand.

Thereby, the temperature of the skin surface layer can be better raised and hermeticity can be achieved, and energy exchange can be achieved only under hermetic conditions.

  Before applying the creamy mask, apply a little skin care oil on the entire face, or use a layer of essence first, which can double the effectiveness of skin care.

Note that you only need to do this if your skin is too dry or fatigued, otherwise replacing large tonics will also cause skin relaxation and idleness, which will cause other skin problems.

  Aupres Water Active Sleeping Mask 220 yuan / 80g contains precious safflower extract, royal jelly extract, solcosol and other ingredients. You don’t need to scrub before going to bed. The skin can be adjusted to a good condition the next day, making the skin bright and vibrant., Lasting moisture.

  Chanel Cleansing Mask 475 Yuan / 75ml is specially prepared for oily skin, purifying and soothing moisturizing effect.

After 10 minutes of thick application, massage and rinse. Balm oil extract containing balanced oil, anti-allergic and soothing amino acid complex, witch hazel extract with fine pores, etc.

  Clarins Hengrun Moisturizing Mask 360 yuan / 75ml super moisturizing washing mask, rich in a variety of super moisturizing plant extracts, rich moisture such as frost can also better lock moisture.

1 week?
2 times to ensure skin hydration in dry season.

  Guerlain Royal Ting Orchid Ultra-Perfect Repair Mask 2780 yuan / 75ml improves skin microcirculation, drainage, high-efficiency moisturizing, activating multiple functions of dermal collagen fiber network.

Cationic orchid emulsifiable concentrate, soy protein extract, natural synthetic drainage, etc. make the starch rich and ductile.

  Yuxi Shui Breathing Instant Moisturizing Mask 200 yuan / 75ml lazy mask that can be rescued, it doesn’t matter if you apply the orientation, the long-term moisturizing ability is the biggest selling point. If your skin feels uncomfortable, you can use it at any time. White collars can also do SPA during lunch break.
  Sisley Botanical Soothing Mask 760 yuan / 60ml has the effect of calming and soothing, relieve skin fatigue, can be used for neck mask, eye mask, lip mask.

The linden extract contained in it has excellent effects on bright complexion and anti-computer radiation.

  Julie Kou soft and brightening mask 460 yuan / 40ml gel precious evening sesame oil and natural herbal aromatherapy essential oil moisturizing, as well as medicinal hollyhock, calendula, violet and other plant ingredients that have the effect of calming scars, small acne marks.

  Kanosi Thyme Nectar Mask 320 yuan / 40ml is made of real thyme nectar, which provides moisturizing and revitalizing functions for normal and dry skin. Honey can form a protective film on the skin, lock the skin’s moisture, spiralAlgae and citrus extracts give skin cells a bright glow.

  Estee Lauder Platinum Full-Firming Firming Mask 1135 yuan / 50ml has super strong and firmness, removes puffiness, moisturizes, fades fine lines, and evens out skin tone.

The advanced enzyme balance system can rebuild the skin’s firmness and smoothness. Malt oil, rye essence and vitamin E can soothe dry skin. The patented ingredients can diminish fine lines and have rich effects.
  La Prairie Revitalizing Firming and Moisturizing Mask 1400 yuan / 50ml single biochemical mask, rich in protein concentrate, can quickly achieve the effect of firming, bright complexion, chamomile, cyanobacteria, calendula, aloe and other plant extracts work together to sootheIt calms the skin, and the plant compound can super moisturize.