】 _How to steam_How to steam

[How is steamed rice delicious and fragrant?
】 _How to steam_How to steam

People usually eat rice, especially in southern China. Most of the people’s staple food is rice. Now there are various rice-making machines on the market. The most common are some rice cookers. These rice cookers haveDetailed instructions, so steaming rice has become a very simple matter, but it is not easy to steam out delicious and fragrant rice, you need to master some tricks.

How to steam rice is delicious and fragrant?
Amoy rice: Amoy rice is usually enough for one or two times, because the surface of rice grains has a lot of nutrients.

Rice water can be used to wash your face or water flowers, and it works well.

Soaked rice: Soak the rice for an hour or two before steaming it (if warm water is better), this will allow the rice grains to absorb water, and the steamed rice will naturally be full.

Add water: rice to water ratio, preferably 1: 1.

2 (Toothless seniors or babies like to eat soft rice, the ratio of rice to water is 1: 1.


You can use rice as a reference, one piece of rice, one piece of water, and one fifth of water.

Steamed rice: Steamed rice is usually steamed in a steamer, pressure cooker or microwave at home. The steaming time varies.

Steam rice in a steamer: 15-20 minutes.

Steam rice in a pressure cooker: Cover the lid and air valve, and heat over medium heat.

After steaming for a minute or two, turn off the small fire.

Small fire six or seven minutes, turn off the fire.

Microwave steamed rice: high heat for 5 minutes, wait for a few minutes, medium heat for 10 minutes.

Tips for steaming rice Add a few drops of white wine to the rice, and steam over low heat for five minutes.

How to steam rice with crude rice? After adding raw rice to the pot, add 3g of salt and 5g of edible oil.

There is a lot of sand in the rice. How to prepare a large pot, a small pot.

◆ Inside the small pot is rice.

◆ Small basins are covered in large basins, and they are all filled with water.

◆ Shake the small pot with both hands to let the rice flow from the small pot into the large pot.

◆ Finally, there is sand in the small pot and rice in the large pot.

How to add colorful rice, purple rice, black rice, millet, wolfberry, and jujube (black rice and purple rice need more time to soak, soak for more than half a day) diced vegetables, meat, etc. can make the rice colorful and attractive.

How to make the rice more fragrant Add about 20g of fragrant rice to the raw rice to make the cooked rice more fragrant.

What should I do if the rice turns yellow? Before steaming the rice, add a few drops of lemon juice to it to make the yellow rice steam out of white rice.