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Cuttlefish is a fish that people are very familiar with. There are many ways to make cuttlefish that people can choose according to their own taste.

Generally, people think that the production of cuttlefish is more complicated, so it is not very clear how to make the cuttlefish taste better.

Cuttlefish often made at home can satisfy people’s tastes, and can also be relatively healthy and hygienic.

So usually, if you make cuttlefish at home, it is the most reasonable method.

How to make cuttlefish?

How to make cuttlefish is simple and easy to eat: Cuttlefish and duck soup Ingredients: one duck, three cuttlefish, ginger slices, two onions, half a bowl of rice wineSpare after the foam.

2. Cuttlefish soaked in cold water for fifteen minutes, soaked cuttlefish slices.

3. Put duck pieces and cuttlefish in the clay pot, add ginger slices and green onion knots, and pour sufficient cold water.

After the fire boils, turn to a low heat for an hour.

4. After half an hour, pour in half a bowl of rice wine, boil again and turn to a low heat pot for one hour to serve.

5. Cuttlefish has its own salty flavor, so this soup does not need to be seasoned.

How to make cuttlefish eat is simple: fried squid with garlic, 300g of garlic, 2g of salt, 2 spoons of raw soy sauce, 1 spoon of old soy sauce, appropriate amount of green onion, appropriate amount of ginger, and appropriate amount of cooking oil. Method: 1. Cut the cuttlefish into flowers and fly.

2. Then, wash the garlic cloves, cut the carrots, and cut the onions and ginger.

3, then put the oil, put all the food in, and fry.

How to make cuttlefish is easy to eat and eat: hemp paste cuttlefish balls material: a few cuttlefish balls, the amount of enoki mushrooms, the amount of fat beef, the amount of hemp sauce, one spoon of sesame oil, the amount of pepper oil, the amount of garlic, the amount of soy sauce Method: 1. First, all ingredientsget ready.

2. After the water is boiled, add cuttlefish balls, enoki mushrooms and fat beef in order.

3. After the ingredients are cooked, put them in a bowl for use. Pour sesame oil, garlic, and soy sauce into the sesame sauce and stir well.

4. Pour the prepared sauce on cuttlefish balls and fat cows, drizzle with chili oil, sprinkle with sesame, shallots and millet spicy. If you like spicy, you can sprinkle a little more chili noodles.

5. The fresh and sweet cuttlefish has a heavy and spicy flavor, so come one by one.

How to make cuttlefish is easy to eat: Cuttlefish pork belly soup Ingredients: 6 cuttlefish, half of pork belly, the right amount of lotus seeds, the practice of wolfberry: 1. Let’s wash the pork belly first.

After buying pork belly, put three tablespoons of salt to wash it, wash it inside and outside, and rub it.

2. Then rinse.

Then put the flour and wash it, rub it inside and out, and rinse it.

3. Finally, wash with vinegar. After washing, the mucus on the basic pork belly has been washed, and smell the pork belly itself is not so heavy.

4. Then go to taste.

Put the ginger slices, garlic, shallots, and pepper in a small pot, then boil the cooking wine, put the pork belly in and cook for a short time, about five minutes.

5. Then remove it and wash it with salt again. It is mainly to clean the white things cooked from the pork belly.

6, fresh cuttlefish, wash clean, tear the white film in the belly.

Cuttlefish and pork belly cut into strips.

Ginger slices are shredded and fragrant in the pot.

7. Stir-fry the pork belly cuttlefish and cuttlefish strips. Pour in a small amount of cooking wine and stir-fry quickly.

8. Put two cloves of garlic and three onion roots in the soup, add the lotus seeds and transfer to the soup pot.

Soup on low heat.

Just an hour or so.

9. Put salt and MSG in the cooked soup. Sprinkle a few wolfberries and drink for a while.