xtricate themselves, not to mention the separation assigned to money, not to go out ahead even if people are good, and her cruel teeth, he began to use means from the final let my father and his family are centrifuged, and encourage fathers to take advantage of the east, to the city business, getting away from the village.

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  Only mentioned in the novel is probably no later grandparents care of their own at home, thanks to Pei built to fight money back, no details of specific details say.
  In reality北京SPA会所, Pei building has been waiting for the echo of his brother, his brother has been looking after jobs, jobs before can give his son, no one thought Pei Jiancheng all bluffing, this post to a leader of the electronics factory children to this post, was rewarded with a promotion, and if Pei Jiancheng had a good come back to apologiz北京桑拿e, maybe this thing is so Maguo, Li Xiuzhi can know, though badly shaken, he still stood and that the third son, helped to speak, even even say what positions to the Sun, he also can not afford to do a good job, good farming village people so hurt, it hurt to leave the face of his younger brother, third brother of the days become better, Pei building finally wakes up, he determined separation – his brother spent the money you want to get back to.
  During this period Li Xiuzhi is for countless demon, cry slapstick, four said the eldest son, second son is not filial piety, but hesitated to compile some of the nonsense, she said, rattling the money is gone, lost, how would not make money three sons, the eldest son finally forced mind to come, and do not have any money, separated by a brick house, direct separation.
  Li Xiuzhi 深圳桑拿网be nothing to regret the idea that she even feels himself made the right decision, inviting all day talking about her husband: “You see, you see, I said it?Building and construction to are unreliable, to expect ah, still have to count on the completion of!”
  May her life as a sharp mind three sons did not count on was a few years

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