erstand, do we need to do housework, they have had to come down to earth to take care of the child’s great aunt and her mother is not tired yet?

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  She added: “We look on Andy clever, and his father was a chip off the old, the future must be a learned man!”Andy is Pei Jiancheng children, the extent of the bear to break the sky, grab the girl pigta苏州夜网il, people head to throw caterpillars are considered small, and overbearing temper is unparalleled, say not very clean, PEI Lan Yi really do not see what the other clever place.
  Pei, after all, the older a blue, but also the behavior of Li Xiuzhi patience, just going to wait to test out their future, and then take away the parents, which would like to be, the more mountain mountain high, her grandmother this magical, life is not interest rates, more than seek death.
  Pei Jiancheng share of courier work in the city, outside the establishment is temporary, although it is eat grain, can not very stable, to coincide with the county’s electronics factory job, his wife’s father some contacts, know a few key figures , they needed money to make clear, and Li Xiuzhi say it, the other party immediately anxious, after all, the family will rely on the fields to earn work points, this amount of money to a few opinions so much, really want to give, then it had better How to do it?
  Pei Jiancheng reassure him until after the electronics factory, and helped some leadership and say, see if you can make work a top courier’s brother or nephew who is, unde南宁桑拿r hesitation, nodded Li Xiuzhi.
  It can not give out money, everything was a few slapstick children to listen into the ears, under the instigation of a Lan Pei, it was home to promote open, forced open, a thought that Pei Lan was a turning point, to be able to see the true face of the father of the family, we decided to split, but do not last talked talked, we actually coax Li Xiuzhi has been in the past, obediently nod.
  She realized that go on like this, Dad will deeper and deeper, can not e

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