dmother, unreasonable, a杭州龙凤桑拿nd she worked hard to give birth to a child, even an egg water no, if three siblings, estimated that even chickens at home under the pot, and my father just sat there silent, submissive, long while before say: “three siblings poor body.”

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  Waiting for her larger point, it is able to visually see this shijiazi “abnormal”, like the old cattle uncle, diligent work in the fields every day, obviously just thirty people, it looks like Bensi ; her father as a child estimated body bone is not very good, came back out to work every day are back pain; even so, this whole family of food had been withheld grandmother, but also professional than later cafeteria Dafan Aunt way, a tablespoon down, soup and more porridge little, if asked a few words, my grandmother will be able to be a storm, on the spot brainwashing education, but if Uncle came back from the county, that would be completely different, my grandmother did not know what’s hidden in poultry fish are exhaustively work out, food on the table did not mean water, Uncle bowl stacked like a hill, not residence grandmother called him suffer, and lost.
  Not only in the end of the line uneven son, gran苏州夜网dchildren in this, Li Xiuzhi mind could have the scale, boss, the second child is born grass, only three are old treasure, normally several grandchildren at home, let alone to be taken care of , even a concerned look there are not many, only the youngest child, was on her apex, even if it is sent by the New Year people a sugar, had as a baby close up, waiting for the coming three old.
  Li Xiuzhi often said: “We have worked hard to build, for the whole family earned so much money, you see, we have lost a couple of laps.”Pei can clearly see a blue, Uncle often do not pay back, if the city points less food, or to visit relatives, had to touch things away from home.
  She added: “Qian Yun weekdays and built to take care of Andy involvement, and is a top hero at home.”Pei Lan a look down, how wanted to do not und

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o not count on their children to excel rather than blue it?He is a ground plane food, and does not mean he wants to be their home forever farming, the eldest son and second son te苏州夜网rribly dull, not reading, just honest work, which, like-minded third son Emmanuel, will be calculated from childhood?

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