t go to school, they prepare at home early from the marriage arrangement, only one point, Li Xiuzhi refusing to allocate the money to do the bride price, in her view, she seek a wife, why have from the pocket dig in so much money, what came out repairing large?

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  She left the money, but to little baby son’s love marry do not marry, you want money, no door!Even if it is a girl fall in love Pei building, but also because of bride price required by the opposition, was rejected Li Xiuzhi one, at last pick a广州桑拿网nd choose, she selected a nearby village, two looks not too good though, can be a look that is dry the living, but not how much dowry girl, two sons did not resist, quietly accepted it.
  Can turn Pei Jiancheng, all this may not be the same, Li Xiuzhi avoid the people, with the youngest son repeatedly discuss, and finally “ho throw daughter”, the acquisition of three turn rang, and took some ready cash as a bride price for Pei Jiancheng daughter to discuss the county’s elementary school principal a wife, of course, have to admit, Pei Jiancheng small delicate features, not come down to earth, fair-skinned, in a public guy looks in color, reading time and very motivated, although did not read up , it is also a college student, after graduation in support of Li Xiuzhi of money, looking for a job towns couriers, their conditions will not too bad.
  Simply put, Li Xiuzhi, life and life with the family earned money, put her baby son to come out for, not only for their studies, work, attached single-handedly wife.
  If such a situation continues, chances are everything will be Li Xiuzhi As expected, their two little old deposits, although later followed 深圳桑拿网by the eldest son live, nor spend his, his easy life flies and the US United States, chances are also grants points the younger son, the appearance of a blue Pei, changed all that.
  Lan Yi Pei came to this world, was a little baby, she was still in its infancy, I heard my mother crying in front of my father, saying eccentric gran

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