me Li Xiuzhi gra北京夜网dually shifted to the eldest son.

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  Pei to build the second son, was born, coincided with difficult times, even the rice is not enough to pay for the深圳桑拿网 whole family, can not wait digging when the rice, how can effort to take care of child-rearing?This ignores the second son he grew up and became very quiet temper, not lovable the way, we did not get the same attention Li Xiuzhi.
  Three sons Pei Jiancheng is different, when he was born, the most difficult time has passed, that time the original body of the mother has passed away, Yang Pei Jiancheng became the son of Li Xiuzhi knee on the first true sense, is naturally given a different meaning, and Pei Jiancheng born smart, lovable personality, sweet mouth, talking on weekdays and close relationship with their mother, li Xiuzhi flatter him as a baby.
  The children are still small, is nothing more than allow the construction of Pei Pei and built to less concerned by the point, love, eat at home are not conceal Pei Jiancheng to eat, but come after the big kids, it intensified the contradiction.
  Li Xiuzhi have been loved too, Pei Jiancheng will develop a wayward temper, and he was rarely 杭州夜网come down to earth, is not working, complete the going gets tough, Li Xiuzhi counsel for his son, determined to send their children to read more books, after looking eat grain part of a good job, marry a wife in town.
  Probably counted on Fortunately, the eldest son and second son have no talent for reading, early drop out of school to go home farm, did not cause any dispute on the study, only Pei Jiancheng, reading a little talent, it was the whole family together to support the city go to school, to be honest, if sent to the city on a single reading, the money spent has not exaggerated to the point of scary, after all, was not too expensive school fees, just a point to eat lodging expenses, can be less a home labor, the family had been pressing more desperately QUICKER Li Xiuzhi.
  Pei Pei building and construction did no

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