n, the third son of Pei Jianche无锡夜网ng, most families in this era of their home and not any two samples, and resolutely implement the extended family system, do not hide private property, all property handed over as a mother the Li Xiuzhi, do co-management, unified distribution, from exactly the same words.

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  In that hard age, lack of supplies, 深圳桑拿网the needs of individual people are reduced to the extreme, such a distribution, reverseIt touches on another point “stable”, to gather all the strength necessary to supply the entire family.Of course, under the collective and individual interests are somewhat damaged, but can be as long as the points, so most of them can be ignored in the past.
  In this family, pursuing the traditional men outside, women inside the rules, the whole family spent in eating and drinking, were caught in the palm of his wife Li Xiuzhi original body, original body usually does not refute his wife’s habit, more when silence cope with everything, the only thing really ring true when his mind, appear to intervene, blocking wife.
  The source of the tragedy, is to this, Li Xiuzhi in the treatment of three sons, is not fair, this is no longer the hearts migraine杭州龙凤网 coming back.
  Logically speaking, this is Li Xiuzhi own three children, is that the gap between early life Younger, and no matter how eccentric it will not go, how can things be so simple?
  Let me talk about the eldest son of Pei building, according to the custom of the village, parents and more pension by the eldest son, the parents should be very popular with high regard, you can build Pei was born not long after, it was Li Xiuzhi mother kept in the side, the original body of the mother , their son is offer all kinds of good, to be his wife, and what did not give a face, in those years she was alive, her family meals, chores at home, in all likelihood, the whole body fell Li Xiuzhi, therefore Li Xiuzhi grudge against her mother, heart, says he is in love, hate house and Ukraine will, these shares bla

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