down, he gently closed eyes confusion.

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  When evening comes, heavy orange scattered through the curtains come in, both crossing the floor and coffee table on a layer of paint, the Soviet Union pour soft fingers slowly tied braids, and asked him what to eat.
  ”moon cake.”
  ”How to eat moon cak北京水磨会所e?”
  Not to the Mid-Autumn Festival.
  Perhaps because of his relationship with the year when the school is still a good Chinese students recently sent a moon cake, the Remote Blessing he and his family well, but he forgot to come back, next time you come back after a Mid-Autumn Festival, and therefore some resentment.
  ?The back cover on the eye, arm blocking the tilt of the mouth: “Ask what you do, you are not do not?”
  Su dumping feel that their professionalism has been questioned, pouted, “Wow,” sat up: “How can there be things in the world I would not do.”
  She was barefoot jumped from the couch, and he pulled his arm pulled back, his forehead against her forehead, quietly watching her for a long while he said: “You have to believe in me.”
  Su pour a little wide-eyed, he has been nudged one: “Go.”
  Finally, transfer to 南宁夜生活网a plate of egg yolk moon cake is very small, clear yellow color, like a plate filled with four small moon, a small reunion.
  Su pour myself a pressure moon cake mold, embossing is very simple, insert a circle around the edge of the moon cake “Y”, she wrote letters always so mellow doll body, a group of letters joined hands in a circle, Y get up when it is noticed.
  When he turned around to look at her, dipping normal intently Su squatting on the ground to help him put into the tablet and cups luggage bag, her clothes folded up flat full hand paved shop, two braids hanging down swinging.He gave her this new strawberry red skirt suit spread, which also keep the pressure he had rubbed crumpled traces.
  ”After the end of this semester, I’m going to register the entry.”He slowly eating moon cake, licked his fingers after eating,” not a coalition government lab, go

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