me to enter the world, was established in a book called “seventies perfect life,” the text’s fiction, this novel tells the story of accidental death, through the body of the baby to the care of the household of the same name seventies Pei Lan First, how to get rich with my parents, find themselves know each other and spend the lover, and get perfect life story.

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  Most of the article’s text and the same, so there’s a bunch of annoying relatives and best of the best families, but fortunately in the care of the household help, parents naturally reluctant to get rid of such a Zaoxin home, satisfied staying to take care of her daughter , the whole family went together well-off.
  In the novel, women can be described as almost always, so smooth, the only stuck to the reader, and that she would only fool father, a loyal to the p苏州桑拿arents, not the end does not hit the brick wall back home, women can be said to be exhausted the means, barely back to his father’s people, the people can pull back, pull back my heart, this fool father in a blue Pei resolutely defending, still diligently working parents bear the cash dispenser.
  This novel Yu Xiao idiot father, it is the original body of the second son Pei Jian, the original body is the care of the household that are tried my best to get rid of, big family patriarch, women’s grandfather.
  Born in the original body?City Village long Zaozigou of a family, the village most people surnamed Pei, a pole crushed all relatives, he brokered through a matchmaker, the girl with the neighboring village of Li Xiuzhi became a marriage, Li Xiuzhi used to live is dry, dry live deft, patience is also frank, Kurtis will be one to each other signs with her mother, she was exchanging views on some years, claim to be his wife boiled woman for many years, until her mother passed away, which can finally stand up to do the master, and finally in charge the whole family.
  They total of three children, the eldest son of Pei building, the second son of Pei北京体验网 Jia

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