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  The early years of physical strain too far, even if very serious maintenance Pei Naochun, still in seventy-eight this winter, come to the end of life, then just granddaughter to college, she w深圳桑拿网as born in love, and their own favorite grandpa coquetry losing his temper, crying tears nose in a bed of Naochun Pei Pei Pei Qin Naochun holding hands, watching the son, granddaughter, happy closed his eyes.
  He knew he was gone, someone will take his love for his daughter.
  Pei Naochun’s fan club, by netizens as “the most brotherhood,” the fan club, after his death, fan club will be on time every year sends condolences message, from time to time due to the passage of time will share some damage, loss of resources, the other seems to have a lot Pei Naochun collection of photos, fans are not seen, photographs of him, always laughing, smiling spoiled, full of love.
  [Third World assessment, examination results qualified.]

Chapter 38 in the text’s eccentric father (a)?(three)
  009 has always been a conscientious assessment system,深圳桑拿网 Pei Naochun often suspect, the other party is not potentially Zhou Papi properties, test results just announced, Pei Naochun had not yet recovered, blink of an eye, appeared in front of his big eyes and small eye, is another soul.
  Too, Pei Naochun silently in their hearts to remember at this account, although he clearly knows this account a high probability to please not come back, but as long as people live, you have to have a dream!Sooner or later, he will give a lesson of 009.
  Standing in the dark space, a look on some old age, he was wearing a coat, hunched, hands full of exposed cocoon, a look that is accustomed to labor, he suddenly appeared as if it was the xiaonianqing scared surprised, to say something, not any openings.
  They did not speak, quietly spread in space, although the old man quite tangled, may hesitated finally spoke up, telling his story from the occurrence of this life.
  Pei Naochun this ti

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