Ji Lin duo.

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  ”My God!!So the lights in the forest, it is a forest health?!”
  ”Yao Ji arms ceremony that it is the forest health?”
  ”Good romantic ah ah ah ah!!I saw Lin-sheng live ah ah ah!”
  ”Ji total also handsome, and I fainted ow ow!!Do not crowd ah!!”
  ”Who is Lin-sheng, who is always discipline, seeking science ah!!”
  For a time, everyone towards Ji Lin Yao Li, and students coming in, some students are scared Lin, Yao Ji ceremony weight of very low hurriedly his cap, ran his holding.
  Passers mixed with fans frantically chasing behind, forest health breathless, accidentally caught a glimpse of two clasped hands, just some confusion in the mind, and slowly settle down.
  Center Shopping Center.
  ”Qian children, do you think it over?”Suzi Han left hand nervously pinching fist, staring at Ann Qian.
  An Qian petition carefully folded printed paw prints of pancakes, just ready to speak, the result of a sudden people around excitedly rushed to outside shopping malls, cheeky excited, as if rushing to see what.
  An humble Suzi Han as a right, followed the crowd walked out of the mall, looming like chasing what part of the crowd left, but more people are standing still, looking up at the center of the building, wave

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