We think with your own, can imply your own stuff, a lot of it should?”

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  [This approach listening to really good ah, thank you fairies, I must try]
  [Thanks fairies, really try ah]
  [That is, the fantasy sitcom on what needs to choose East implying that he]
  [I have a job report next week, before the big leaders, I hope to show the intimate with the nature, I can do what fantasy?]
  [Boss’s wife?]
  [Ha ha ha ha, good or bad in front of]
  [Large leader’s son?]
  [You are too bad]
  [I feel good son, thank you]
  [.Actually adopted.]
  [Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, killing me]
  ”.”Lu seventy-one also silent, and fancies himself a son of leader?What the hell, “Well, I wish you success, ah, I do not rely on the failure, the idea is a bad idea.”
  There are three backstage dressing room, snow Yan Shao Yu Miaozai quit but because there are, they still are a man.Because of the situation of freedom of the team, so there is a dressing room is six people, and the remaining two, four red net just pairwise team, let alone a Yu Miaozi.
  Lu seventy-one first opened, the dressing room is exactly the Yu Miaozai.
  ”The company arranged for three dressing rooms, each of which has a set of two stylists, and artists to communicate well before what kind of shape do.”Lu seventy-one said it opened the door, I saw five makeup artist

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