By the time they go-between to help in the promotion of the mainland can get great convenience.

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  * To know the early 1980s, NEC, Motorola, Siemens and other multinational companies, the switches are available to domestic selling price of a butcher.A ten thousand switch priced at priced up to $ Sansibaiwan.Three or four hundred dollars per line.
  It was also the initial installation fee domestic phone lines frequently requires root cause of several thousand or even million.Not until after 2000 domestic program-controlled machine technology is mature, the price was down quickly.And the next two decades, the rate of adoption of domestic calls much faster than the computers, the demand for digital program-controlled machine is huge.
  ”The mainland over the first visiting scholar, into the state very quickly, many people are twenty-four hours stay in the experimental building, very hard!”Zhao Weiming and talking about the first batch of mainland exchange of personnel Oriental Institute recently received.
  ”In the past ten years far behind in the mainland high-tech fields, thirst for new knowledge of some of the more intense nature *!These are the young elite mainland universities!”Li Xuan said with a smile.
  Oriental Institute provides world-class research environment but.Even compared to those famous European and American laboratories are not much better than the current domestic hardship as if heaven.
  ”Before, I fear that this exchange a mere formality, according to this momentum now.Another six months they will be able to do some basic research and development work!”Zhao Weiming beaming Speaking.
  At first he had a lot of doubts about the level of scientific research mainland at this stage, to give the Oriental Institute, “The East is Red” exchange program is not optimistic about how much.But the first

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