☆, in terms of “human”

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  A ghost of life, and the life of dozens of living, if she say is true, then this choice does not seem difficult.
  But the question is, who did not know she was right in the end is true or false.
  For a lot of special investigation team to deal with the devils of people, their first reaction is the purpose of the ghost is the key to destroy Destroys, this reason to confuse them kill each other.
  By the time a dissipated Xu Hong, ghost battle formation but told them not break, and that none of them beyond resurrection.
  The second important question is, assuming she say is true, she really wanted to do this deal, the hands-on person has chosen to select Qin Bo.
  Just her, even though most people have not revealed abnormal, but they were a little concerned about how much.
  What is Similar?Who and who are similar?
  As for the devils.In fact, here stood a few people who did not like people think he can not be traded.
  After all, for ordinary police, they really have not had to maintain the idea of ghosts, they do not know the ghost in the end is what the concept, they only know each other is not living.
  As for the special investigation team of people, although ordinary ghost bad judgment

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