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  ”good looking.”
  She pouted, whispered: “Horch, you do not hold anything against me into a bald oh.”
  He laughed, kissed her forehead, “do not mind.”
  The hotel set in the vicinity of the airport, the two are tomorrow’s aircraft to facilitate the departure.Jane Ding is now the least bit afraid to leave the body, this time tied Sheng Joe, her remorse for a long time, his eyes swollen for several days, the rooms are booked a double suite, always accompanied only peace of mind.
  After dinner, contact Jane Ding Sheng Joe beautician came to help wash her hair, careful to avoid the location of the wound.Bath dry hair before and felt alive.
  The thought himself so many days, smelly and dirty, Horch have been seen, just to be affronted and died.
  No, we must leave him before leaving under a fragrant impression!
  She ran next door to knock on the door Horch.
  He was still room watching a video sent to the professor homework, opened a door and saw she wears that white bear pajamas stood outside, his head still wearing just let Ding simple to buy the furry rabbit ears hat.
  Behaved terribly.
  He reached out and pulled her in, Sheng Joe asked: “Horch, what are you doing it?”
  He took her hand walked beside the computer, “Professor arranged jobs.”
  Computer to put in a few cases across the bed, she sat on the bed, his legs swing a flash, “then you quick homework, I do not speak.”

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