Faint said: “Even then find sir, not necessarily longer than Wu cited the ugly, perhaps better looking than you.”

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Ji Yao’s face was completely dark, a hand grabbed her face: “You are not trying to take a beating?”
Jiang Chu chuckled, unmindful of her face also pinch deformation, then growled said: “In my eyes, Xiang Gong is the best looking, but this world than anyone else, so for other people, but I eyelids the child will not look up of more than!”
Sure enough, Ji Yao made the remarks to coax the good, croon soon cast of his hand, but still do not speak playfully.
Jiang Chu sidewalk: “Having said that, we can be a lot Fuchu down maidservants, they immediately have a number of new entrants, called yesterday to climb the bed maidservants I have not checked it out yet, later to become the Chunxiao is also a confidant of my beautiful children , Oh, you say how do I so worry?You’d like a jealous woman all day in pantothenic acid, I do not know yet that you are my young married woman.”
Then, also playful blinked, it was a provocation.
Yao Ji an arm around her waist and she was into his arms, his face chilly air

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