Green, do it?”

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  Leaf white this time also came back and saw Xue Qingqing took his ID card, also slightly Yizheng.
  Xue Qingqing stared, his face looked incredible leaf white.
  ”you.You are a small Eastern Cape?”
  Ye white smile soon, in the end still did not hide it, spread his hands helplessly said..
  ”I’ve told you ah, but you do not believe.”
  Xue Qingqing’s face became extremely complex, leaves white figure, and that saved her then, with a few days to sleep in a bed with her brother Xiaodong.Gradually coincide with.
  But my mind was like a spilled bottle flavors mixed in general, I do not know sour or sweet.
  She has found a cult Xiaodong brother, but she was not quite happy.
  Xiaodong brother.I have a girlfriend.
  Xue Qingqing this time really want to find a place to cry, but still fight back down, and leaves the Bai Hanxuan.
  ”Small East Brother, you can change really big ah, ha ha.”
  Shangguan Tong far away in Dubai, hang up the video call, open the phone’s file manager, find a screenshot just video calls, face sweet smile.
  Dubai is also at this time of the morning, Tong Shangguan still waiting for the classroom

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