He can just call a wake-up call to them, how will almost silent?And although my father was fifty, but strong build, how suddenly a stroke, it must be haunted.”

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An Wei Zhen is somewhat wistfully, “Your father fifty?You should be about twenty now, three years ago, your parents have your younger brother?”

Wu suddenly smile, think nothing, “I want to know what security guru, rest assured, my father and my brother are my own children, so that my father came out ah.”

An Wei Zhen nodded and stared at the floor in close proximity Yuehua Jian, he heard banging coming from the third floor began, something seems to constantly beat upon the floor or wall.

Wu face some stiff, a bit embarrassed and said: “Let An effective master you, this is my cousin, since a few days ago after being possessed, it has been the case.”

Text Chapter 239 was mischief

An Wei Zhen faint nod, looked up at the direction of the third floor, but appear blank, not to mention the normal Reiki, Wei Zhen An even gas are almost did not see the soul.

Eyes looking at that little bit weak, as if about to go out of the blood gas spirit, turned to look at Wu Zhen Wei An, “Only you upstairs cousin

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