Also some uncertainty: “Huang-Lao, you probably understand some of what is here?”

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“Your Highness still in the hospital?”Old hands behind walking slowly, looking down thinking about something.

“Probably it will take some time,” the evening also sighed: “The early loss was discovered, two children and no matter.”

“Internal Party B is now very confusing, because the relationship between power and public opinion, they’ve had three elections have failed.”He stopped, looked at the night also said:” The distance be the next head of state elections, as well as three months.”

“You mean.”The more nights also suddenly realized what:” One of the candidates is the abolition of the royal family issues?”

“I am responsible for helping them to do data analysis and simulation of public opinion,” the old man paused for a moment and look to be thrown into the air waterfowl swallowed fish: “This is one of their main point of competition.”

This political thing, never nothing to do with justice, but justice always like to name the guise.

Candidates in order to get more people to embrace and support, will make a variety of seemingly absurd acts to.

In the United States, some states that do not allow abortion – whether because of sexual assault, rape, or because the fetus has congenital dysplasia itself is a problem, these reasons not to be interpreted and allow.

Politicians call for some of the things looks completely at No

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