He, Qi Xiuxiu staring at him.

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  He took her in lap, Guzhuo not let her move her waist, looked at her low laugh: “how such a thing would be enough, if not afraid of you can not stand, I.”He rolled under the Adam’s apple, good-looking face was suffused with the tide.Red, eyes unblinking look at her.
  Her awkward to dial his hand, Diesheng said: “No, no, my body hurts.”
  He easily would fall upon her movements, he smiled and said: “I look.”
  ”No, no use.”
  ”Just check.”
  ”You, do not move!”She said, suddenly forward a hit, he was afraid of her injuries, homeopathy lie down, so she became his sitting posture on the waist.
  Chu Ling laughed: “a little like this pose ah.”
  Xin long micro-: “.you shut up.”
  Her legs were trembling, think of those scenes last night, can not wait to run away.
  He sat up, one hand on her spine embrace, “There’s only two of us, surrounded by nothing, or should I say, what are you shy?”
  Scattershot sky surrounded by darkness, behind her dark one, look for a while seems to have something sprang from the darkness, she just think of the

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