Clothes make the Monkey covered eye without a fight.

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  Chen diving and more cattle, undressed directly Chakun without fighting kneeling.
  ”If you remember this, you will certainly remember me.”Chen diving turned slowly toward Chakun, this time he did not say Siamese, but with the Chinese road, because the ‘Naga’ is to understand the Chinese:” I am convinced that he was not mistaken, you must be a ‘Naga’ tell me, what happened to you?”
  Chen diving unsuspecting to Chakun, not the effect from the owl, also stepped forward immediately after.
  Chakun mental pain so that he has been unable to return to normal, accompanied by severe pain and is a familiar one memory!
  There is a lot that he has long been forgotten, he could not accept the sudden in my mind so many memories headed toward!
  Under pain, Chakun body suddenly stiff, and then they wake up fainting.
  Chen quickly went diving Chakun side tried to wake him up, but did not respond may Chakun.
  In desperation, Chen diving can only set their sights from owl.
  From the owl gave him a very firm reply: “I will not waste any energy on him that, if he was awake our enemies, that I was a fool cocoon.”
  ”Then you help me get him into the house!”Chen did not insist diving.
  From the owl is still confident he can control to

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