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  Lin-sheng think of themselves during the day in the car, thinking that Yao Ji ceremony forgot today is Valentine’s Day, odds angry look, feel funny and shame.
  Yao Ji ceremony will forget how he will not be willing to forget.
  Forest Health ineffectively lips, said nothing, his head buried Yao Ji ceremony chest, rub the rub.
  Yao Ji ceremony touched his hair in his temple gently drop a kiss.
  Confessions continued to show light show, watch the people around them more and more around.We all pulled out cell phones to take pictures in front of the building, looks awfully.There is a girl and girlfriends are shot small video chatting enthusiastically, did not pay attention, the phone suddenly hit on the shoulder Ji Yao ceremony.
  Girl apologized: “Sorry.” She looked at Yao Ji ceremony of the face, lengleleng, then exclaimed:
  ”You are not your total discipline?That forest is born husband?!”
  Girl said this volume some great people over here have been around for a time.Forest Health News on the Web, a lot of bars and all related discipline Yao ceremony, Yao Ji ceremony did not deliberately avoided the media lens, so his appearance was also seen friends.
  Holds many lessons there is a reminder of the girl, the way people instantly recognized the gift of Yao Ji identity, turning the phone again embracing

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