Twelve constellation’s luck in April 2019 is the first to know.

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In April 2019, Uranus will continue to stay in Taurus, while the sun will turn from Aries to Taurus, and the water inversion of each constellation will come to an end soon.. The current April will bring more confidence and execution to the twelve constellations, and the bottleneck and confusion encountered in many aspects will become clearer this month.. Whether it is work, life or feelings, it will bring new expectations.. Today’s editorial brings you a detailed analysis of the 12 constellations in April 2019. Let’s take a look at it together..   The overall situation of Aries in April 2019 is generally fair, showing a mixed trend in all aspects.. What Aries needs to pay attention to this month is their own words and deeds in the process of interpersonal communication. Don’t take everything for granted. It is easy to cause unnecessary misunderstanding.. In terms of love luck, Aries, who is single, has a good Desires Of The Heart, and is easy to get the favor and attention of the opposite sex in daily parties or outings.. Aries, who have a fixed partner, are prone to question their feelings. They suggest that they communicate openly with each other in case of problems. Aries has performed well in career development. This month, Aries spends more time working outside the country. It is more beneficial to solve the problems by paying attention to maintaining certain communication.. The financial situation has performed well, with stable income and considerable partial wealth.. Stable performance in terms of healthy transportation, healthy diet is enough.!   Taurus Taurus’ overall development in April 2019 is generally good. This month, Taurus needs to re-examine itself and suggest new cognition, which will help you when you need to deal with problems.. In terms of love luck, Aries, who is single, has a good Desires Of The Heart, and is easy to get the favor and attention of the opposite sex in daily parties or outings.. Single Taurus has a good luck with peach blossom this month and will have a chance to start a new relationship.. Taurus, who has a fixed partner, spends more time with his partner and knows each other better.. Business performance is generally good. Taurus with a fixed job will reduce overall efficiency due to some obstacles in his work.. On the whole, the financial situation is fairly good, the positive income is stable, and there are not too many opportunities for the partial income, so we should not be too greedy.. In terms of health and transportation, the performance is satisfactory. There are no too many problems. Attention should be paid to the maintenance of old diseases..   Gemini Gemini’s overall performance in April 2019 is good. Although it will still be affected by last month’s adverse water situation, the overall situation is still relatively ideal. Many problems can be solved and you can also establish a good interpersonal relationship.. The emotional situation is convenient and the performance is good. The single Gemini is somewhat hesitant in facing other people’s pursuit. He should learn to open his heart.. Gemini, who has a fixed partner, is getting better and better with his other half, and they also have more tacit understanding with each other.. The work situation is generally good. Gemini’s abilities will be shown this month. At the same time, people around you will look at you with special respect. You should pay attention to the opportunities.! The financial situation is generally fair, the positive income is stable, and the partial income is not outstanding.. The health situation is basically stable, so there won’t be too much problem if we standardize the work and rest time.!   Cancer The overall performance of cancer in April 2019 was mediocre. This month, cancer is vulnerable to some negative emotions and appears to be somewhat negative.. Pay attention to the adjustment of good state of mind, stabilize your mood, everything is in a good direction will be more conducive to the development of the situation! In terms of love luck, the single cancer is still stuck in the old relationship and has no plans to start a new one.. Cancer with a fixed partner is easy to have contradictions and misunderstandings with the other half, thus making their relationship somewhat unstable.. In terms of career development, Cancer should control her temper and character in her work and not be too arbitrary.. The financial situation is uneven, but fortunately we can also achieve satisfactory results in the end.. The health situation is mediocre. Some cancer patients should pay attention to their work and rest to prevent endocrine system disorder..   Leo Leo’s overall luck will develop in a better direction in April 2019.. Some aspects of the luck will decline, but the overall situation is still relatively ideal to rise.. You can try a plain life, and sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised.. The emotional situation is generally good. Single lions are still suspicious of new relationships and cannot start a new one for the time being.. A lion with a fixed partner has higher requirements for the other half, which is easy to make the other side breathless.. In terms of career prospects, Leo will have a more outstanding performance in his work this month. He will be able to ensure both quality and quantity while doing things in good order.. The financial situation is stable, with relatively stable income in both positive and negative aspects.. The health situation is good. What needs attention this month is to keep warm in different seasons..   Virgo Virgo’s overall luck is generally good in April 2019. Everything is difficult at first. Although you may encounter some obstacles at the beginning, you can still get the results you want at the end.. The luck of love is generally good. Virgo, who is single, longs for a new relationship, but this month’s Desires Of The Heart seems not to be strong enough.. Virgo with a fixed partner and the other half will encounter some bottleneck problems in their relationship, but in the end they can still stick to each other to the end.. The performance of career fortune is fair. Virgo with certain working ability can give himself more opportunities to show his working ability and is easily appreciated by leaders.! The financial situation is fairly good, and there are good opportunities for partial wealth. You will be very surprised by unexpected gains.. The performance of health and transportation is still good, and more attention should be paid to skin care in changing seasons..   Libra Libra’s overall luck in April 2019 is generally good.. The fortunes of all parties are mixed, but the overall situation is still ideal.. If you lose, you gain. Don’t care too much about gain and loss. Only in this way can you live a more relaxed life.! In terms of emotional luck, the single Libra has an ambiguous relationship, but both parties do not seem to have given their sincerity.. Libra, who has a fixed partner, also tries to get to know each other and be more serious and responsible in their relationship..Career prospects are generally good, and there will be some obstacles in your work, but overall you still need to adjust yourself well.. The financial situation has performed well. You have the opportunity to get some favorable information from people or friends around you, which will be of substantial help to you.. The health situation is generally stable. Eat less raw and cold food to avoid gastrointestinal damage..   Scorpio Scorpio’s overall situation in April 2019 is generally good, and all aspects of the situation are developing smoothly this month. You can get the expected results and treat people around you sincerely will bring you a greater success rate.! There are good expectations in terms of emotional situation. Single Scorpio will meet someone who makes you feel good, and both parties will get along well.. Scorpio with a fixed partner needs to adjust their values to each other, which is conducive to getting along with each other.. The performance of career fortune is fair. Scorpio can keep an orderly working order at work. It is the most effective way to proceed without delay.. The financial situation is generally stable, the positive income is stable, and the partial income can be obtained through part-time work.. Good health, Bland Diet.   Sagittarius The overall outlook for April 2019 is generally good.. This month’s mood fluctuates greatly, and it is easy to act impulsively. It is suggested to consider calmly first, and avoid acting according to temper.. The luck of love is generally fair. Single archers do not seem to have much expectation for their feelings and still hold the attitude of letting nature take its course.. The relationship between the archer with a fixed partner and the other half is more insipid. It is suggested to add some freshness appropriately.. Career prospects are good. Archers may encounter some bottlenecks in their work and need help from others.. The financial situation is relatively common, and there is not much surprise in the financial situation. It is suggested to form the habit of accumulating more while accumulating less.. Good health and luck, some shooters should pay attention to insomnia.   Capricorn Capricorn’s overall luck will be better in April 2019.. Generally speaking, everything is smooth, but occasionally life will bring you some surprises.. Maybe you can get some surprises at some casual moment.. The performance of love is fair. Capricorn will be noticed by the opposite sex and may as well give the other party some opportunities.. Capricorn, who has a fixed partner, will spend more time with each other this month, and their feelings will heat up somewhat.. Your career is doing well. Capricorn, who has a regular job, will have a more outstanding performance at work this month. The improvement of work efficiency will make the leaders look at you with special respect.. The financial situation is fairly good, and there will be some small opportunities for small-scale gambling activities.. The health situation is generally stable, and a few people are vulnerable to common cold due to wind-cold infection..   Aquarius Aquarius The overall fortunes of Aquarius will pick up in April 2019. Compared with the previous period of adverse water conditions, all aspects of fortune have been improved to a certain extent, and the mentality will become more positive as a result.. In terms of emotional situation, the performance is satisfactory. Single Aquarius has a relatively good object and both parties are expected to develop further.. Aquarius with fixed partners are more dependent on each other this month and have more points of agreement with each other.. Business fortunes are generally good. Aquarius has a clearer direction of development in her work and is therefore more confident.. The financial situation is generally good, especially in the financial sector, there will be a relatively considerable income.. The performance of healthy exercise is acceptable, and fitness is a good way to increase immunity..   The overall situation of Pisces in April 2019 is generally good.. You may have difficulty managing your emotions this month, but fortunately the people around you will give you some support and encouragement, so you can also get a good result.. The performance of love is fair. Single Pisces is not very confident about herself and needs more recognition and encouragement.. There will be some misunderstanding between Pisces with a fixed partner and the other half, and neither of them can understand each other very well.. Career prospects are stable, and Pisces will be able to maintain a down-to-earth work attitude in this month’s work.. The financial situation is fair, and both sides have relatively stable incomes in the positive and negative aspects.. Good health performance, pay attention to protect eyes, don’t use eyes too much. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

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