What constellation is 1221

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1221 is Sagittarius. Sagittarius was born on the 23rd of the 11th and 21st of the 12th of the Gregorian calendar. It belongs to the constellation Fire and is located in the ninth sign of the zodiac.. Sagittarius is a constellation representing freedom. They are free and unruly, optimistic and cheerful, enthusiastic and frank. They never beat around the bush. They also hate affectation, empty talk with Pretending to have interest and sympathy, and insincere people.. Freedom is their inborn nature. They are independent and love freedom. The last thing they like is being disciplined and restrained, which makes them very dissatisfied..   Sagittarius is a constellation that is often misunderstood by everyone.. Sagittarius is not a flower heart, but does not find a person who can really let him never leave. Sagittarians are not extreme, but no one understands their inner desires. Sagittarius people do not have much scheming, but hope to be recognized and respected by people who care about them.! Sagittarius gives people the most intuitive feeling is to treat people sincerely, to deal with people more straightforward, to have a straight-talking true temperament, no scheming nice guy.   Sagittarius likes challenges, loves adventure, and likes to explore new worlds and knowledge fields.. Their inner driving force is to break through boundaries, explore the future, and seek faith in choosing life.. Sagittarius has extraordinary mobility. Any restraint will make them feel depressed. Their real desire is to be in the vast space they love like Tianma.. However, they are careless, outspoken, ignorant of the ways of the world, more self-conscious, more reluctant to express themselves for the sake of the ways of the world, and are often easily offended by this.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

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