Amoy rice tea

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Tea Amoy rice Wang Shangtong heat of summer, Shimoda return.A bowl of tea Amoy rice with a pickled down the Soviet Union, relish, hot weather, refreshing, this is the old farmhouse eat supper Xiaokunshan.Amoy rice tea is the tea soup, I like the title Amoy rice tea, a “clean out” the word appear more vivid.Childhood, often Amoy rice tea, and now is really a long absence.Think, Yan Bao Chi highbrow product, chewing tea Amoy rice is low class.Are now well-off, and tea Amoy rice is the food of prime cold people, who eat this stuff too.I know an old man but likes to land, day dawns, the old man climbed a small stick Zhu of Kunshan, climbing back, be sure to soak a cup of hot tea in hand, eat a few mouthfuls of food, drink hot tea, eat half, Amoy tea tea it into a bowl of rice, and attend a lecture that, day after day so the elderly eat gusto.He said: “Amoy tea homemade meal, no ‘three high’, a light, tasty.”The elderly eating this rice bowl of tea Amoy lived to be ninety years old.I remember the early years read Kobayashi Issa’s haiku, as heard the sounds of nature, light three-two, is better than a thousand words people.Favorite this sentence: “Who blown lotus, dusk ochazuke.”What a down to earth, how cordial flavored ah!Amoy rice bowl of the usual tea, tea is its soul, no dip Yin tea Amoy rice lost Jervis.I remember one writer said: “Tea is the only luxury hopeless years.”Words were feeling quite as people, but in my opinion, after all too serious.If it were not on good expensive tea, open seven things, fuel vinegar tea, tea is live homemade matter, from this point, on the tea tea, too septum.Grass-roots people, three meals a day, three meals a day of tea, but it is unusual answered the.Like Kazakh tea, Tibetan butter tea, and everyone can not live without it.So often to see what the city tea tea ceremony, heart felt funny, that away from me and other “grassroots tea” is already a galaxy.Today, people’s lives better, poultry meat, fresh seafood, dishes have become homes of ordinary people.Every New Year, round-flavored dish placed on the table, Pork, braised pork after eating before the previous meal Bowl of scouring, use it to concentration interval greasy, hard solid food after the transition, from refreshing role, very popular trick.When the tea, said tea, tea character often tea, often like to say, “Zen tea blindly” It’s a taste of the flavored, I suspected it hypocritical, accent.My favorite, “answered the” word tea in the rice, the rice tea, interacting with each other, the best tea is meant to say: homemade, secular, in the world, there are pyrotechnic gas.Tea, rice Amoy years is simple years, tea, rice Amoy life is a simple life.Kunshan printing slang saying: Amoy rice a day without tea, his legs felt weak beat unsteadily.According to the sunset, the open pond n Lotus, Lotus bursts evening home, scouring rice to a bowl of tea, which is how pleasant fresh ah!Thank you for reminding Kobayashi Issa, I want to discuss and family, our family tonight Amoy rice tea is good?

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