Amidst Xu Chun

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The past few days the capital surprisingly cold, northern Inner Mongolia Chifeng City also under the snow goose feather, I am the person living in the south for years, unaware of spring has quietly come.    If the South should now be hazy, misty breeze Yi, awful, Duochou.Misty and thoughts flood season.    Fine, rain cover rendering dash of cool earth, the sky splashed fly, deep alley guxiang, I do not know who I exhort solo play, along the Mouguang full of sorrow, through troubled times dash through the Spring and Autumn, silhouetted against the setting sun in the corner between vegetation, song Rouchang broken wrist shallow song encouraging people to tears.    Amidst the multi-touch season, Du Yi alone in rickety lights in a cappella how many joys and sorrows, far apart.So thoughts and memories become whole lonely, sleepless nights all.Stranded was already yellowed thoughts, for a time as if the flood gates to vent like an epidemic.Nightlife net Jessica Grass, wildflowers bloom levees River, there had been a figure you walk hand in hand.And now already have changed, far apart, blocking the endless years that lingering thoughts, such as fireworks Catkins in March, with the wind blowing fragmented, gone.    Can often this season, catkins flying, when elated, and how not to let spring tide surging, a myriad of thoughts it?

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