Amidst the vast spring

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As usual, neither earlier nor later step: loud firecracker, Room million Spring.    In fact, the real spring far not reached.However, its sound would have come to the branches, the branches of the tree, the branches and hearts.    Still cold, still bare everywhere.On the bare branches, stood occasional singing of birds.What do they sing?Spring is definitely Overture.People still huddled in years, lazy, sleepy.Drinking, playing cards, visiting relatives, entertain visitors.I do not want to prematurely tentacles extend into the outdoors.    Early in the morning, the sounds of birds knocked on the window frames, the sun will shine its lofty irradiation into the house, they had to stretching lazy arm had swollen to wear clothes again, to greet the new day.”Tender cold spring cold lock dream because” it.    Early in with her mother to go hiking.All the way around, even found a small Ono Wo branches, began to emerge some fluffy bud bud.They must first perception of spring, heard the footsteps of spring, they first arrived.A time when the temperature is below zero, do not seem to sprout bud reminders.But to the season, everything is in receipt of invitations Spring.    The gas loose, thawing glaciers, mountains wake up, everything Dousou.Yes, the annual spring, the ancient spring, new spring, and once arrived.Whether you admit it or not, there is no perception, it is coming, do not step back, not one step behind, marching satisfactory rhythm.(Sanwen Chinese prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) “Wood sleeping in the frozen ground.”This is what I wrote yesterday in the micro-Bo sentence.Yes, I’m still sleeping in permafrost.A little spring messages are not received, there is no sign of a little sprout.Often I feel that they can no longer unable to bud.The text has been written, the dust will soon be flooded, no value.But for the past years, leaving behind some small footprints Bale.For a childhood preference to the text of the people, this is perhaps sad, perhaps relief.And I, do not worry.Just keep calm, quiet, silence.    Vegetable noon to cut the cabbage in a cell, they have become very juicy with a green Yu.Unfortunately, a few days, they will be shovel full Bandiao.Yes, perhaps this is a blessing to them.For me, and perhaps.From then on, I no longer go to their busy; since then, they are no longer there because I’m lazy and sigh, or growing Weidun.Vegetable plots, and soon, the president of the high-rise to.    rain.Endless, Cantabile, such as branches.Some things in the bud in the rain.Some were frozen in the cold rain.They will eventually wake up.    This twist in the spring.It plays a burr in the spring.It feels raw cold spring.Amidst this vast spring.    Water will become clear.

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