Amidst the town – Ceheng

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A heavy water a heavy mountain, winding mountain road, lead you step into this small town surrounded by mountains.    A heavy smoke a heavy fog, patchwork Qifeng, this lead you sigh Buyi style town.    Amidst the Rain, a small town blurred eyes.    Lengthy river, dip the tips of the hair of the town.    You make the poet’s melancholy in Intrigue, I drunk the night in style town Buyi’s hazy.    He refused to wake up dream, only willing to snuggle in your tender embrace.    You see green water span ledge, you see spread upward fascinating and charming, you see the beautiful scenery Dazhai, the misty misty rain season this baptism, more mildly, beautiful.    If you are seemingly light spicy chrysanthemum and heart woman.You read carefully, I approached your mind, your soul in order to feel chic style.    March three soulful, June six of hot style, you add a little tender and graceful.    Colored glutinous rice fragrant flowers, like your sparkling eyes.(China Network original contributions prose WWW.sanwen.COM) Ruannuo dalian sweet cake, like your beautiful style Qiaoxiaoqianxi.    Corn burning farmhouse wine, like your hidden inner hot Qingsi.    You Enron figure hidden in the dim misty rain, like a hidden world of ink Dan.    A string of crystal raindrops, you sometimes hide his face shrouded shy smile face.    You stand on this distant and mysterious land, waiting for the guests from afar to visit.    You see far visitors, you will be warm and friendly to pour all, afraid of lost etiquette.    Guests take leave away, you reluctantly stay, this is your passion and loveliness.    Mountains and rivers still, green Flows, the scenery is magnificent, you quietly staring, Guizhou bay water that long, do not praise the old time.    Wen: soup round

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