Amidst the situation

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Part I: went to a year’s rice collection season, the situation has become obvious Jiangnan misty rain of rice a year to close the season, recently made a few phone calls to his mother, know the family has been busy in full swing, and in previous years, I will be at home to help out rice harvest, threshing, planting and so on, and now I can only distant foreign land, silently wish the.  Rice income, rural hometown people, is an important event, a grand festival, a universal war.It was during this time will be called the “three summer”, or “summer harvest, summer planting, summer tube”.After a rush in the harvest plant crops, plant crops after the autumn seedling management.Why say it is “grab” it?I think probably every rural person likes to be praised others that he is the first person to score income rural rice bar!Often this time, the village folks can not wait to have superhuman powers, a person becomes three people with, want to end the war as soon as possible, to win the honor belongs to farmers.  Now think about it, young man, is it not his own scythe from dawn to dusk, to the ground and cut the rice, transport rice, millet even think to play on a lot of fun standing on the threshing machine.Now, the technology developed, the farmers finally away from manual labor of years.Sometimes, it is forever gone past, leaving only memories forever!    Part II: I promise quarter, amidst the love you once said: the right hand side, there is eternal happiness you want.As long as you wish, you can reach out and touch.If, now, because the dream, you do not want to stop, it does not matter, when tired, remember to turn around, I’m waiting, waiting for you willing to stop.You know, my castle, built just for you.  Like a fairy tale of the beautiful past, every time memories are holding their breath.  You have to leave, at the moment I need it most.Nightlife net Perhaps I should thank you for it?After all, you can give me a chance to dream.But, you do not know, in fact, I do not happy.  Is that now we have the occasional contact, but also very deliberately to remind myself not too tired, it will send the information, nothing to do with itching to say something of the past, but also jokes that do not themselves better, you will feel bad, in that moment, we all laughed.But, laugh behind it?  In fact, each other, we all know, those places have not mentioned, and do not forget, but her fate is so fragile, it can also be a weak sun burns.  Friends always said that he is their Mu Xin objects, have a happy, can guarantee the end.But, they do not understand, my happiness, not long ago, their mouths, the way I expect.  Maybe I really should thank you.Although the future happiness, you will have a longer stay, but because of you, I’ve learned that the taste of the pain, you get a lot of love for you to write a sad leaving others to their own sentimental essay, I would like to.  I really should thank you!Because you know how to dream; because you understand how to calculate pain; as you know, and what had to rely on their own before they can be considered has grown, though this growth mode, not perfect.  Thank you, promise me one season, it is poetic Amidst the situation, let me next season comes, the less fear and trepidation.    Part III: Red Amidst the constant love, love, love pour this life have meaning Red thick, misty rain also calm life, often in the edge set whose son love, love rain pour this life.Title in mind – to meet life, distant love Red is long, life is short, replace the four seasons, minutes and seconds elapsed, such as Brightness can only hide in the night sky, the only shining as the sun in sunny days.And you are like warm hot tea, savor, flowing into my heart happy, I infiltrated the heart of the sea waves.  You are given a poem years, with a broad mind and a warm Cuddle me, imprison me that love romantic thinking, feeling that the series password soul, and finally clear, the world of you, he will not.  — encounter is the fate of life.  Love – is God’s mercy.  Spend – is doomed previous life.  Time as fleeting, hurried, you use generous hearts, so that ponytail girl from the Sentimental to mature.Back color from the sun in the gray lonely, you are a man with a strong arm, and that the loss of confidence on the lives of girls brought back to earth.Let her know on earth there is true love, there are people you can care for her, from deep in my heart — planted the endless love, but also know the kind of love and romance has nothing to do.  — two trials and hardships, in the memorable days in your concomitant mix.  Blossom, breakdown storms of life, weight loss is that the days of his youth, the abundance is that plain and simple love, step by step we live in and fight, are you with the determination of the body, for my shelter.Are you with warm feelings, I have the cold heart melt, the thorns of life, so much more emotion and frustration.But your self-confidence and firm that I may see the dawn of life, love grow between quietly, I am also happy roam.  In short, a song, a smile, a hug is the most beautiful scenery of our lives, I am willing to stand in the silence of the night, you hear that loud snoring, I would like to hear your thoughts in the dull years, and you share pain and pleasure.I still had my.Have you ever heard?  Years of sharpening the mind of the witness password, the passage of time is the most realistic solution.  A calendar page describes the river we love.  Memories of a little hint of the loss in the Time Tunnel.After all the beautiful memories.  Hands clasped that we have the same oath, although also can not stand after years of baptism, time of abandonment.  See your honest smile.You hear the real words, I did not expect too much, this life only willing to work with you, hugged tightly in this season slightly cold, and you go through that accompanied the plain practical fleeting, life is short we love lingering..We were a normal couple, we live a simple life, for the family, for the life of our trials and hardships, suffering unnecessary life.  Spring several times, several times to autumn, the leaves still fluttering either, with rain blurred, only in the face of change, change my heart.  Pour three — love this life, happiness is ticking collection of rings.  I use the word love spelled out the fort, and describe our ordinary life.  You have taken up arms with solid storm of life, how many thorns the road, we do not know.  My eyes filled with glory.Filled with happiness, it has a meet.  You are an ordinary person, but you are a strong man, happy to see you as a child-like appearance when depressed, is my greatest satisfaction, encourage each other when we are sad is my life’s most unforgettable memories.You’re mine, I’m yours, perhaps destined for each other, perhaps this life indelible edge.  These couples are forest birds, we built a love nest with both hands, time of walk is the witness of our love.  We are melon on the vine.Only the desire to coexist together, how can we separate.  Devoted married couple fragrant flower independence leader, how could you missing beauty, no love always so warm.  You’re just an ordinary person would often get angry, like all men will be so jealous, lazy will.It will throw the smelly socks everywhere, from time to time I will need comfort when I’m sad.  Among the Red, With your companions, I saw the sunshine of life, although we aging day by day in, day weight loss day by day, but the fullness of our harvest of love, harvest happiness.  I thank God, because God’s tender care, I met you.  Because the mercy of God, I got the true feelings, as though you still insufficient, there are so many bad habits, but you still are my life the most beautiful scenery, the most contented have.  A love insist there will be a lot of romance one day.  A love life easier said than done to stick.You and I are just a drop in the sea of people, insignificant, but we can have a lifetime of wealth, regardless of the poverty, regardless of affluence, regardless of hardship, regardless of wind and rain, I would like to sharing with you.  Fruitful, we gain a new green life, fleeting vicissitudes.We harvest human truth.Journey before, we have to work together, through the seasons, through the four seasons of life, still never give up.  Now, you are no longer young and strong energetic handsome guy.Vicissitudes of sharpening makes you more and more mature, I’m not that simple ignorant girl, ring mark also makes me sounded dust.Only love has not changed, you and I have not changed.  Hopefully the golden years of this affection forever reserved.For life bit by bit, let’s keep looking at the simple happiness, cherish own life, and love to be in the end.  You want to love you – are my only faith, love you — and not much else.  Postscript – article written for my wife, we were a normal couple, in the ordinary and simple in life, bless my wife always have happy happy, is my greatest desire to all couples, all families are happy.    Part Four: indifferent, feeling lonely night blurred misty rain once described this life, Yi Cheng pulls back, Mo sigh silent bloom the first floor, is no period, misty rain once love!  I do not know, I is not forgotten?  I asked myself, if returned to shown signs of life, the outcome will happen?  I know some words, from beginning to end did not say, Barbara’s eyes looking at those things regret.  I asked myself, if not so silent, how will track?  I know those words, in the minds of branded never forget, I thought you would think, that bit memories.  Sometimes I thought I would forget, forget that camphor tree, that steaming facet, forget the barren space that the newspaper made kite.Forget that you clear laughter, tears forgotten dreams often leave.  This summer, very far away from that time, but on this night show in front.  After the ups and downs of a friend happy, so it does not matter to me, sudden heart pain, perhaps because of the night to cover up that spirit of fear suddenly let go, never to touch it in the past, started a little bit, and I Ask yourself?Forget it?  Forget not that easy.  Tired heart, tears are dry.I had this evening twilight Zhao Zhao, is not so easy to forget.Memories of the past, I am bitter laugh, never forget.  Really want to ask, can once again embrace a feeling of regret that difficult, I do not know how to face all this, why?You let me heartbeat.  In your eyes, I probably long gone, I am to blame your betrayal, or I let go of the blame.  night.Meteor quietly draw down from the sky.Gash that buried wound, perhaps lonely restless.Let the silence was so distressed.  I know that time loved, still I have never regretted leaving loved.  Think of that night, your eyes like a meteor flashing.I want to ask a trivial commitment.Why?I Xiangyebuxiang ignored, in passing, that you leave tears scattered rain is negligible after that, I fell in love with the rain, that’s life misty, dripping wound my heart is full, Kazamaki clouds, lightning thunderous.  The newborn is unpredictable rain suddenly you, or carefully tested my mood, gently touch my numb feeling, and gradually the rhythm of the rain under it, as if you know the outcome, grab every trace wet my chance, you want to integrate into my body, into my blood stream, but unfortunately time, I was tired of the rain, always know the future bring an umbrella, you put on one side of the barrier outside the greaseproof paper, there is no nostalgia it’s a window on the last pass, huddled in the house, nothing to think.I always take it lightly, that towards the misty rain, but at the moment unforgettable remember that once the situation misty rain.

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