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Part One: Amidst the promenade and back that misty rain promenade and went back to that same dream place.Quietly still raining, still quietly Looking back on you.Dream, and the United States can not touch; the moon, lack of will is round ending.All this, and you just never to have, from there to change without emotion, quietly buried in the dust.Walk softly, let me gently traced back to you.This misty rain promenade, cause I’m longing for yesterday.  Xiaoxiang rain falls, mist quiet life.  Long corridor, I was the only one lonely forward.Looking at near the river promenade through the streets, watching the rain floating in a boat floating on the water.Inter back, you see a long walk, eyes dazed, but melancholy.Quietly past me, hair tap on my shoulder.I quietly turned around, I hope to see you again that moving a pupil of the eye, but found it all just hazy fantasy.I looked down in silence, and you want to recall time again, but when I saw a trace of hair on the shoulders.It is, whence?And where to go?The silence of the people heart-breaking sadness.Among thousands of people meet, the separation between you and I.That time heartache, heart-breaking at this time.After all, life inevitably dust to dust, soil into the earth.After I was into that Yichen, in turn where to go?This is only willing to quietly lying on the corridor tile, when my next life, I let the rain fall associated person palm of your hand.  Happy, smiling, already buried in time; past downtown, which disappeared in the misty rain gallery.At this point the corridor is so lonely, I am the only one here echoing footsteps.I was able to get to the head of a lonely man.Very calm, as if walking in the athletic.Raindrops fell into the water, tears cuttings.Rain and tears, along with those who fall back on misty rain fell on the river promenade.Only wish this life, no longer meet with you.Fear, lead to the infinite heart-breaking.    Part II: Amidst the promenade – the latest involving Xitang demon footprint is the ancient town of Xitang in Zhejiang.Just a day trip, but this is not enough to take a stroll in the land of rivers and lakes.  Demon child left the deepest impression is that Xitang built along the waterway misty rain promenade, in other similar town, these can shelter promenade can be regarded as the most famous feature of Xitang.Because it is self-tour, so the demon and sniff before did not go to the Xitang have checked the relevant information, the most interesting is the promenade, even God can look forward to the day of travel a few drops of rain fall, so long misty rain Gallery truly worthy of the name.The weather forecast is to face network sauna tell us – moderate rain overcast, so bring an umbrella, she packed up on time at the Shanghai Tourist Distribution Center.After seeing?He resigned to accept the fact that after a multi-vehicle bus go Xitang, a quiet town in the fantasy will never become a reality.Over the bridge, I saw some guards to check tickets, and even into the real town inside.Take a look at both sides of the store, and Zhujiajiao is no different, but still come up with self-contained camera, we expect to see different views.Looking forward to providing the ticket attractions, and slowly take a stroll Xitang large and small Folk Museum, private homes, misty rain promenade.Great private homes, walls single hospital, compared to southern gardens, more warmth and refinement of a home.But a serious shortage of indoor lighting, adding overcast sky, will be sad melancholy atmosphere to the extreme.West Park, which should be regarded as a large house, there are half the height threshold.I do not know the identity of the threshold of this road show How many dignitaries ushered in, and how many poor people have been blocked, but still can not stop the passage of time, and now it quietly lay in the same place, in a vain attempt to resist those visitors to find out.As between Xitang, a hundred years, but some kind of non-.  Advertising is always a lie, in the crowded promenade misty rain, rivers and lakes that poetry has disappeared without a trace.Red lanterns hung on pillars, perhaps only until after nightfall, red light, Xitang will be showing her best side, but we have no chance to see the.  In the midst of the crowd with through the famous promenade, large and small, along the way collecting food Xitang.Sigh, all the southern town of knuckle of pork dumplings and pastries are the “features”.In contrast, duck ravioli that road is not only famous but also more delicious.As for the bowl 2.$ 5 small chaos, it is completely tricked.  Xitang many painters, most of them set up easels along the waterway, with their own brush drawing Xitang, drawing visitors not to disturb the land of dreams.Sniff want to buy a souvenir, but in the end there is no chance.  Day run, still buy the large bags and more bags to fit, two hand carry fixed stuff, tourism is indeed an economic industry.The way back was found to have radios on the original tour bus, to facilitate the exchange of traffic and driver Ga 2935 is amazing.Drizzle and hazy look in once, then turned into a downpour in a few minutes after the demon home.Xitang trip, meaning more students are gathering, recognizing seven or eight years of junior high school buddies, but less of a rabbit.Jing said such activities are best able to once a month, but the reality is always cruel, the light Xitang trip to the planning for nearly a month, while the rest of the semester there are countless exams waiting for us, even summer may not have the opportunity to travel such a.But even if not together, and we all understand each other all their heart’s best friend, will not change over time.

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