Amidst the dream

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Part One: Amidst the dream, the Red Love drunk hazy, bees and butterflies dancing dancing.Meet as Hua Yan, people know each other as before, a few years have passed, time flies a long, deep feeling that ran aground.How much Qingsi, dash miss.Bowl, scenery tilapia.  - Inscription lonely evening, Yan Qu bright daylight.Faded autumn and winter, song to make the bleak autumn, winter melancholy and dance.Jian Xia gray, dark twilight.Sit leaning out of windows, see The twilight black, hurried pedestrians concept, tree branches looking Sam.Ups and thoughts in this mist in the night.  who is it?In career days, deep thoughts, to sing a love song, a gentle lonely me; who is?Under the month, and the light smile, as I brushed the weary soul; who is, in the next flower, shallow wish, we would like to love for life; who is?Under the pen, a touch of narrating, and that the pre-existence of present and future love; who is?On the flute, long humming, with a mountain stream water consonance?who is it?In the water side, light vanilla folded leaf, according to shadow near the water, far away my thoughts?Are you, handsome as the spring of bright, smooth and moist, such as Liangyu, such as the sounds of nature sounds strange.Inspired by winter snows, singing love songs, through time and space, slowly come.Breeze blowing cheeks, stroked it is you bring?You just do not touch the original temperature.Cool nights predicament.Miss the water as slowly rambling off in the night sky.  My career at sea, wearing a micro-light makeup, black hair York.Portrait of a lifetime aspiration, Mo lost not forget to play one song, bloom season waiting for you, and you wait to see the end of time, and you listen to the sea change Kuwata, and you reward bees and butterflies love the legend.I graceful song tone, as if the night of deep and shallow depression have to reach your corner?I gently whisper, as if the breeze slowly take along to your heart?Even if we have thousands of miles of barrier, even if we have years of age a man’s vicissitudes, I firmly believe that this immersed in the darkness with the experience of love will grow stronger the longer time, it will be more mellow strong in years of precipitation in.Walking in shallow fleeting, observe the moon, twist a finger blue and white, sweet paper book, read a security person warm, I sing songs, recite a Tang.Eternal love, still miss, miss more than.  Tonight next month as yesterday, but the biting cold wind, moon and stars cross, stars shining obsessed month.I love writing with our lingering flat Zeze rhythm, I used shades of writing our own long and tempting.Cordial encounter in the gentle south, hazy beauty, deep Forever Yours.You muffled whisper, your soulful eyes.Drunk bees and butterflies, flowers drunk, crazy me.So, allow me to love you I just innocent.I’m flying red, lightly dance for you.Your gentle enough warm embrace of my life to rely on the Harbor.Red terraced rice paddies, picturesque meet, one is thousands of years of waiting.Let me move to a lifetime love you I, security warm comfort me, love my life with you I come to peace.I am waiting for bloom season on the other side.Distant miss do not know when to terminate in certain time frames, each time so long, I’m waiting for Wang Jin ups and downs of the trees, the moon full moon, flowers bloom defeat, beaten from wandering, Si Jun Jun hope fingerless day, tears Lian Lian, Yiyi love, deep love.Just did not see your handsome face.Snowy, hills and fog, long years, I insisted that we love the same faith in journeying waiting.  Love is an obsession, a lifetime of heart.  Love, happy is more than one, a lifetime of love.  Love is a hope, I was waiting for the.  Love is a beautiful, I love is the.  Because there is love, so we are not alone; because there is love, we have learned to wait.Because there is love, we understand the insistence, because there is love.Part II: the roots before Banjun Yan ink, pen Zuiwu southern Amidst the dream Pro case, with the wind SONG Yu Tang, a Hong paper and ink, wrote to the roots of the enduring love.  The scent of ink curl, shadows painted by propaganda, poetry ink picture, as beautiful as a painting Jiangnan misty rain.  Alone on the moon willow head, solitary word dash of cold Yin dream world romantic brush!  Reviewing the past, you were drunk and spend the next spring months, before the roots Yan ink Banjun, Zuiwu Jiangnan misty rain dream.  Reviewing the past, the king ask a thousand strings, under the shadows of the roots of months Zuiwu.  Beauties of the volume, flowers and the moon the appearance, dash shy Nianhua smile, poetic beauty, Nanchao.  Exuberant smile half-face makeup, Yu Wen Wanru line of kings.Dream roots, had several lingering.  Red handle, day and night, eachother, interpretation of absolute beauty, dumping the World tenderness.  The world a thousand years as night-blooming cereus moment, who picked fingertips snowflake, who roots crazy moment, Sansei Stone River waiting for thousands of years, Red Dust eternal worry.  Pen gentle roots, even put pen to paper hygiene conditions, even if the ink stone with ink Tears, we have to rhyme to your face, accompanied by bamboo breeze, a paper hands!  A solitary, alone, hanging in mid-air, with monthly drunk listen Su-Qin, the former flower smile Shigin, toast Zhuojiu, to pour month pregnant.  I had this beautiful Red Juelian, through the Tang and Song Yun, journeying hope, suddenly look back on the Millennium Trail, amidst the ancient city, whose stories.  Psalms constant ancient of surging surging, volume in volume, but every word engraved heart.  This life, if the dream continued, willing to work with the roots’ll stay, Xu Yi hold your hand, grow old with Iraq!  This life, vowed: “If you do not leave, I will not give up.”Nightlife Network Hanlin thesaurus dash dream, Tang and Song Yun Mo hard to do.    Part Three: Amidst Meng Jiangnan suddenly remember our story, the Intrigue, nothing . – Inscription We just nothing more to say, I will always be with you the story of my own to settle.At that moment I would never go back, I’m not the world’s most selfless person, I have my own love.I love that no one would know the frustration.  Back on the road quickly dodge the house to time instant smear.All this seems to be a farce, but I chose this dramatic life.I’m in the interpretation of all this dream, I heard someone calling my name, that person love me even in my dreams.It is not too incredible, and how there will be your shadow.Is one such figure appears to be an instant kill me living on the road of life.I’m so scared, I was not so cold, I’m still that way, it looks like care about a person, and this person will eventually disappear in my dream, the dream of yesterday is long gone as she could still look back to me and cried Love me.  And my pain will never be anyone can understand at this moment.  I’m gone, you’ll never look back any one.Not indifferent but deep down no warmth.So cruel, who is also the interpretation of this relationship, let it all die in the corner no one knows it.You see how beautiful Jiangnan misty rain, how cute.That the wind moving the willow Yiyi, how giving a quiet.I was quietly people, should not be involved in the chaos of this world, but should not be involved in disputes of this love.I am me you are you.We were not belong to an individual, I was south of a drop of rain, but lost himself in the misty rain.  Jiangnan rain.A one, anything about the season, you and I Canbai Yes ah !Misty rain in the south, we are nothing.Even raindrops would not be the plot, so I will not go back to look, sometimes a hundred years will result in nostalgia for himself.So the best idea is not to look back . village dream no trace of rain I do not know, Glen Garden butterfly orchid show.Go ahead!Where is your paradise, I guess you always make a person.Rub shoulders moment you will never become a fulcrum.Amidst the dream, listen to the flowers.And the king who is drinking for joy to see catkins, May fireworks, and the king do.Mo back, forgotten rivers.  You listen to the rain falling voice, crisp and delicate ······ chapter four: one refers to Red Amidst the dream whirling years, floating in a life-ending journey, broken time, graffiti ink to distant groaning.Crescent moonlight, clouds vast, getting to the youth, and sketched out the figure we expected, gorgeous in clouds of time, the converging scattered rain.  Those raindrops, like heaven tears left, any erosion of the mottled memory.Stop and take a deep, that smell bloom in the hearts of the night, accompanied by bursts of breeze, spread on how much melancholy heart.  Night is so quiet, alone on the sky, how much fluorescence, dryness in wasted fleeting, blocked melancholy, lingering supernatant months of frost, countless memories were awakened yesterday, and yesterday many, those plaintive mournful tunes, always so pale.  Love like water, blink of an eye to the year, in this quiet night, I miss own hands folded paper cranes to span time and space, give you far away.  Remember, those wasted years traveled together, we left a lot of eternal moment, there is laughter, there is sadness, there is a quarrel!But, anyway, we always still go all the way down through the bridge from the Sentimental to mature, we have gone through the Mood for Love Life.  Often think of you, think of that year, the stories, the most innocent period of years.Today, we have already bid farewell to the innocent, into the troubles of life, the experience of the life of Subway.  At this moment, once those memories are so warm, discard it filled with melancholy, quietly pondering over the period of our youth grow old, not between perception, returning to smile, once again climb the stiff face.  In this way, let your mind quietly spread, either wrap themselves in melancholy, but I have to do, just lying under such a moonlight, silk perception that only a thorough sorrow.  Perhaps, in such a plot, I appreciate the kind of full of melancholy feelings ancient wine sent away thinking.  Love several times, more than happy to make wine, drink endless breeze chrysanthemum thin, drunk alone outside the mountain residual flute.  Qing Song dissipated, scattered filled with worry, cold heart not sing bonus Xiao fall, do not wait until tonight Menghan.    Part Five: Walking Amidst the dream Yiyi who walk in the hazy autumn sunset was always either too bright clouds in the sky is not painted.No line like rain, mortal from, the sky is the taste of tears!Which drop floating in my face, fall into your eyes, and stick in his lips, moist may smear memories, printed batik-like profile yesterday, blurring the details, the slightest extension, disappeared in the end can not recall where.Who walks in dressed in a hazy rain curtain where any trace of ox hair-like rain penetrate thin clothes children.Slow, intermittent, such as love to the depths of the woman, stubbornly waiting for a commitment period without Yao Yao, hope not to wear the fog, how many remain attached longing for love!The cotton rain occluded affectionate woman, a package cavity faint lonely!The mood is still wet with tears pouring cold rain season, whether the unknown horizon and there was rain soaked your clothes?If you continue to miss, if also a hint of sadness crossed your mind?Once nostalgic and affectionate in countless autumn, the pale thinning until diluted enough thought.Silent autumn, falling quietly, clearly infatuated with silent tears fall, knows the tears will fall on his heart, as the east west sunrise rain.  The rain stopped in the sun, the tears will dry at the retreating figure, the farther away, more and more blurred in the back, gone is more than just a heart, not just empty for some time.Retreating footsteps away another one heart in love, how much to give up, how many grievances, still do not want to let go away.Tangled in the end is also the end can not love in exchange yesterday, sinking it increasingly hard heart is more stubborn hope that everything will be reversed, even if the time of youth depletion expense.Better to stay together, like metamorphosis turn into a painful struggle, run out of time, any trouble worry fiery engulfed guangyan a time of painful this cast, how can precipitate in the heart of the heart of children dross make transparent Chang Liang?  Autumn drizzle wetting the mood!Lofty sky, dazzling light will mind children tingling, feeling cramped breathing, looked up at the clouds from the sky, slowly gather at the sky blue, the wind driven cloud is floating, where the wind blows, the cloud would go where, accompanied by heart does not always seem lonely child, compliance of quiet good, aesthetic into a painting!The rain, the vegetation dispersed with natural fresh soil also exudes a special atmosphere, are so kind, so fascinating!Leaves was the first to change color, yellow leaves caught in the shade, the obvious eye-catching outside, could not help but to teach people uttered with emotion, autumn, leaves must fall.Autumn Shen grabbing, vibrant collection of all the season’s joy love, summer has gone, Autumn has come, rain and more cold, add clothes, and even the mood seemed more like a full, add a lot of.  Autumn mood and as gorgeous as the autumn colors, walking one, or a bright shiny Xuan rotten, people s heart!The sky was blue like a mosaic of sapphire, blue was refreshing so there could not help but wanted to look up, the cloud was so pure and white, without a trace of variegated, not help it stopped, gazed up at it, kind of inexplicable urge to into it, that one of the attractive blue sky.Season is affecting mood, still damp from the rain every autumn, always the cool autumn rain sadness.Standing under the rain curtain, hope not to wear the road ahead, but looking back to the past time.The young do not know real depression innocence long gone, only sentimental youth echoed in the mind as the continuation into the river of life, but too slowly!  Silent rain line, glaring sunlight, fresh air, unable to retain that piece of green, following the arrival of the season will be the last to become remember or forget the past.Walking quarter hazy misty rain, looking for memories of the season, that thoughts full of smoke, chaos Ru Xu, after another, and all mortal being swept away by the wind in general, disappeared without a trace, empty mind, however lonely silence as if nothing had come.Autumn melancholy, sad autumn is the season of giving emotion or sentiment in the result of the fall, can not tell the lonely fall, the leaves fall slowly!  Walking smoke rainy season, two wake reluctant!After all, in the past, ask yourself why.    Part VI: Amidst a lifetime dream has always been tragic injuries do not always, only sigh ionomer tear gas flow.  Siyi his life wandering thing, hard to find half an inch favor Yen.  Amidst the Red lifetime dream, handle ask who co?  Accustomed to the joys and sorrows, she has tired of the clutch, so when he again went to gather insights from the time between heart had gone the previous kind of emotional ups and downs.Inclusion in disarray thoughts in a sentimental, but when I put the earth in a hurry to see the ionomer have a thorough, originally rooted sadness and reluctance between the mind, but also in their own numbness in together is faded.  A sense of loss in the world’s changing everything go, wanted to hold a spotless heart to wait and see things change, as can the inexperienced wore on, the good things that have had the slightest hope has ceased to exist.In this fickle era, desire and reality deviate, mixed with laughter and tears mix, and even had stick innocence juvenile or read, has been working in the change of life becomes the brink of annihilation.  Between panic thinking, I gently planted on all fleeting, and even better was pregnant with expectations has also treasured in the heart, though always lamented the helpless things, but life is so, we are unable to change anything.  Put aside thoughts of hangings, flick a ray of lingering thoughts, let the dust emotions gradually revive it, then really I do not want to share tender affection lost in the rush of discrete Lane.  Follow vaguely imprinted, I sort out thoughts to recall the past, Leighton time torn full of sorrow, really could not bear too much of the past touched, perhaps only suitable for the memory of the past and is not suitable for deep bear in mind.  It affects faint read like the thoughts I vaguely stored in the misty rain that season, and now recalled, the share of rain rendered affection still linger in my heart, how any of my efforts have been unable to shake off.  When most remember that year, I unloaded in the earth where the Zhanre covered with tired, alone, resting in deep and lonely lane in the rain, away from the numerous non avoid the mundane distractions, heart at that time really It is to get a thorough baptism.Maybe that is not stained secular world has been looking for their own corner of the mind, is that he had millions of times in my heart cries dream of the Holy Land.  Although never had too many deep lane in the rain in leisurely dream situation, but I only wish the Dai Li in a long time here, you can day total’m sorry things, the more the result of begging Lost is so complete.After all, I do not want With a trace of sadness and emotion out of there, all these memories, all fall in that moment in the misty rain pattering.I stare with eyes misty misty rain, no choice but to leave, since then, the ancient quartzite trail and left a lingering cry ancient sigh.  Today, River guarding the familiar misty rain, I could not get my heart already had the feeling of, perhaps the heart with the change of scene changes because of it.Looking at the rain still falling in front, in between leaving the heart, but only that the slightest feelings of regret.  Sigh earthly ionomer, how many you give up a few Review?Red lofty thought, infatuated as promised and for whom?Pour a cup of Acacia bitter, play a song of sadness Parting, I was willing to Zuiwo at once familiar streets misty rain, should not forget some persistent, some thoughts should not be abandoned, since then, my life is a choice misty rain.  Amidst the dream of his life several times?Red Fannong three cups.Ye Lan hear alley rain, a little wine and having a few people.In memory of guxiang, my dream, still wet at the end of a passionate misty rain.

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