Amidst longer

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Part One: Amidst longer, not always gone over the years like the sun, that it alone is too bright.My friends know that I love overcast weather, just do not know, they have no thought my heart is generally gloomy silence.Because they say, the sun is so beautiful, but do not know, whenever the rain, I would think after a year affair.  Long time did not go back to that remote yet quiet stable narrow alleys of the.Alley lined with door-to-door to each other’s house, but now few people lived in this alley, as it was a lot of people like me, yearn to go away, leaving it standing alone in the alley quiet quiet mountain village.Hazy misty rain, the roof on the row of old infected with a blue plaster.After this went on, stray foul.I found I had to build innocent and longing for childhood in this house many of the old house.A dark, old-fashioned light bulb, a large, low wooden table, a rough stove.It is the old home where I belong memory curl of smoke rising.It really dilapidated, has engraved a few generations simple and vicissitudes of the traces.Love carries those worries and Smoke, and in memory of the washing gradually fade away.Memorable, she is busy in the dim figure of Uva.Or in ignorance I had eyes in the reflected or flashing wronged me in tears.Big pot on the stove, I am most greedy longing when children.There had been dissected pot would go jumping fish oil, had she not put eggs still speculation golden golden leftovers, New Year, when she had to get a variety of snacks.It is very sad reminder to, the “strong” cauldron of rice crust shovel is my time with the spatula was torn to shreds, in my meal in which they blame on the dusty yellowed memories.And that bottom filled with firewood stove, can be described also flooded flooded, burned also burnt, not blame, it was one of my ignorance fun era, often forget to turn off the tap or forgot to look at the fire keep coming play elsewhere.But that time has been very strange, because these things did not seem to be scolded her, but rather his own bluff.Still will not forget, every time a gray sky blue early morning or sunset down the mountain, she knew in the dim old house back, he turned around, it was a young and filled with a happy face, loving my pupil all the panoramic view, but no trace of blame.Then there is playful braids, as if that time, she was just a woman, a young woman only.  Every morning, she likes to slowly and carefully put their shiny black hair tied up.I was always envious of her child and asked why I did not braids, when I grow up and you give me braids, OK?And she always fondly looked at me and said I grow up I will buy a red clip, which I still have not forgotten the past.Room, attic, still she was not busy leisure figure, meal preparation and meal ordinary meals for me, as I folded one thing after another messy clothes, never frown, like intermittent light rain outside the window happiness silently dampen the earth.I had endless dream, in this dark little room, bound once hated here, so I can not soar.At this point, I would lie on the windowsill attic, watching the misty rain blurred in the distance, and a jagged line of sight of a sprout chimney smoke curl, as if to tell those children lost in the dim misty rain this is a sign of home.However, only she, willing time for me to ignite this plume of smoke, light rain blurred cut, in between the old house, which an alley, where a quiet mountain village.  Things with Spence, word-by-born love, flowers have been defeated, the tree has withered, how can its former vitality?I stand before this dilapidated old house, the mind has repeatedly wash.I am no longer old child, do not go ask her – my mother, why you no longer black hair, already white-haired, no longer young as ever?That Chongni look like the same, the same face that kind of like, I hope the old forever in my memory, my future eternal life in human children this life peacefully, years of quiet good will suffice!Years of reincarnation endlessly, dash past weathered.Under that black tile eaves, it has been covered with traces of moss.Rain has become increasingly deep pit on the ground, some scraps of memories lying inside, soaked with rain, waiting for the enemy to regain!    Part II: the bonds break, the Red misty rain no longer shake off the edge, misty rain no longer shake red, near past, for whom indulge whom weep?  - Inscription smoke lingering midnight, cumulus clouds enveloped the stars, the sparse shade of shadow oblique, boarding hope, Yeliangrushui.Chunhua residue, silent love affair.Through the old days, fleeting, the chatter down a tree flower disability, quietly look back period of the dust of years, sad dream.Nightlife net Whispering people go, whom wander?Quiet night shrouded the heart of the city, covering a hideous time, refolding in the thoughts silent in the one thousand.  Riverside hiking trails, night wind blowing, the sky overlooking the long, silently counting those that stay forever gentle, again measure the distance between us, right close horizon no longer.Heart, will not be a light year distance, such as stars in the sky seems close, but not across.  Huangpu River, remains the same, solitude figure, indulge in the twilight of a person singing.Passionate always be ruthlessly angry, first-class for years, the river flows can not take away full of sorrow, far shore, the lights dim dim tears.The Cloud and the month of the chase, but broke lingering sentimental season, people are truly heart-breaking?  Really it should be a sentence, and the beautiful are basically futile fantasy, beautiful, like a fantastic break.  At this time, the pedestrian gradually thin, stubborn clouds shattered Star winding positive shy glittering reflected in the water, breeze blowing cheek A cone tingling abdominal writhing, is not deliberately looking for the truth than not on the reality of ruthless, soul looking like a stone in the water break.A sense of blame entangled in precarious heart, that waiting a thousand years are like a sword piercing durable met lies, spring and early summer, you figure reminding us of scenes clouds city.  Distance, Expo fireworks gorgeous night sky bright, blossom several times, several times gloomy, rain lean on a railing, awakened Yilianyoumeng.  Looking back, unable to retain the world, it is also the breeze light fog, a promise or a lie?  Passing fleeting poetic mottled, memories lost thousands of back flowering, flourishing flashy cover up years of vicissitudes, love, broken in the ethereal dream.  Red in the past, lonely roll back and forth, someone who children, standing rain precarious River, look Muyu drizzly, wind and cloud volume, buried in the heart of pain, seems to June buds are in bloom a little bit every day, who is looking to see Momo Shu volume of blooming.This scene, this, this flower, so familiar concept, how could such a profound stay in the memory, Cheng pulls back really laugh it off it?  Clouds over, misty rain away, pear shed all dream off the southern.Ye Feng Han Xiang, newly sprung season, a man quietly hang around, constantly looking back.  Some memories need to slowly combing in loneliness, will heal that bloody internal injury, the share to be pure and true love, you can not move anyone.All words of love, all the glitz at the time of the surface, a lot of times, we need to finish juniors, will hurt some perception of life comes from your own blind trust.  Some things, we always inadvertently coming back in, some of the truth, always when we are about to forget, will emerge out of the water.Sometimes a trace of moving, will lead to slow their own reason, I naive to think that love can be moved Millennium.  Amidst the pace of youth in the Red scattered, every man’s heart will hide a story, each in love are hoping to get a response, so breeding imagine landscaping unreal became a burial in his own trap, after all the inputs, beyond redemption.  Red lonely, infatuated tenderness unspeakable, freeze truth, hide their faces weeping’s in the running.Shijian soulful, deep in years, leave alone the swaying Elegy.  V in the cool earth railing afar, Shaojue cold drink and clothes, flashy been scattered, Jiang Feng fishing boat streamer sky dotted.Star vaguely, how many minds that will gradually spend time in, For v silent, sat down on the cold ground, obsessed knee, the tears of regret to the ground.  All the way wind and rain bumps along the way, youth are already in Sao roll of yellowed pages.Face several times fall asleep, Willow Han Yan, Tian Xiang tea is difficult, let a ray of cold unawakened edge, died in pain pillow.Heart broken if the cloud of dust, infatuation several times, dreams linger, warm and cold Red thing, with the night wind drift.  Quietly at midnight, shred thoughts, to my immense swept between raising his hand trembling to pursue half awake, converted into sound mind tonight sigh, pull the remaining Zhanla heart love, world number infatuation, in the cloud of dust and fell quietly.  Fine misty rain, hidden in the brow of that touch of sadness, piled into Mouguang crystal teardrop.  The wind, the clouds rushing, haggard tears, attracting stop pedestrians, they were afraid of me at the bar while you?How will the heart lived and died, but born of desire is so strong, fences Pentium river to the east, gradually sensible early reply.Wandering Road, Murdoch had met.  The drain, faded away, gathered out of time in the sand, watching the water, watching the clouds like smoke, and thought tonight precipitated together.Through the complicated feelings of dendrites, abandoned thoughts, looking for a hint of sweetness in the next life.The scattered memories to write down, wipe tears from his eyes, full floor after mountains misty rain, and your shadow gradually disappeared in the clouds oath in.  Love, giving, accepting all need the ability and courage of your convictions, not all love is acceptable, not all promises are fulfilled, scattered clouds, night-hearted, carnal off.Walked release heavy walking, past and my weak back, melt into the night in south.

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