Alma mater of the Serpentine lake,

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Leaving two decades, remember Serpentine lake,.    Located at the foot of Jinggangshan alma mater, it was called Gian Teachers.The school has several lakes, only that I remember Serpentine lake,.Serpentine lake, zigzag bridge due to a seat on the lake named.To walk through the back and forth several times a day, but the bridge is not really nine, it was not counted carefully, perhaps by nine the number of Supreme implied very positive meaning, Figure auspicious bar.    Lake is in front of a stack of nine small step for man up the stairs, walk down, or sit, or rest Safe.After the shore is a fir forest, trees grow symmetry, all branches up to line up, it is neat.The right is the dam, it has been spreading outward slope of grass spread too thick.The left is a small piece of bamboo, the four seasons are rich green.A paved by stone, cobblestone paths and white, wrapped around the waist Lake.Sporadic willow trees, dot the shore.Lake little bigger than some of the village pond.No hometown pond lake common Nymphoides algae, water hyacinth, water lilies, lotus leaf Tada no, swaying water plants, no more leisurely tour zai geese and ducks in the water.He can be met and accompanied me in years, full of my college years.    Chunyang warm, it was covered in hair as lazy careless.All things blooming, youthful affair and gave birth to the Beginning.A little free time, like three thousand three hundred twenty-two students who came to the lake, or stroll Lake, or take a photo, or enjoy the beauty of their eyes.Here away from the hustle and bustle of the cafeteria, there is no class bustling up and down the flow of people, less boring when large attendance in the classroom.I like the quiet, often sitting in the lake, holding a book, immersed in another world.When bored, lying on the lawn Lake, watching the sky Yunjuanyunshu Baiyuncanggou Way back home with their parents worked hard at this time, the father should be yelling cattle plow, like a mother hunched paddy planting in the mirror.When the parents thought of parting words: children Yeah, you finally throw away the hoe, eat the food the country, to the school to be obedient, to cherish, to take care of yourself.Nothing exciting day to live, the excitement has long gone into the school, learning is also less nervous when the share of high school, the kind of hard, the whole body and mind completely relaxed, my mind was what always felt just does not seem empty, when the often bored, cast a stone into the water, watching the waves lap lap, watch, to see the reflection shaking shaking, until gradually calm.    Equinox had a second year, I was elected to the school radio station, as a reporter, editor.The first day in office, the rhythm of the sky to float the rain, Xinyu wash and wash campus, also wash away the sentimental and the restless first semester, the lake gradually filled, and my chest overflowing.Since then, my life, adding to the text of a group of hi difficult to get ink difficult brother sister.We spoke together, writing, editing, too busy.Every evening, from out of the editing room, dressed in sun, rain or Mu, I’ll be on a zigzag bridge or lakeside linger, listening to the radio announcer came with magnetic or crisp voice: “The following broadcast site reporter contributions.”Listening to his masterpiece, listening to their partners or editing program, and to meet the exceptionally warm.    Spring is a season of passionate, me and my brother iron plus buddies also fall in love in this season.Nine lake, it was to become a place to exchange ideas skills.Buddies who looks big and tall, the action is very exaggerated, Fanpen also broke a large, recently chasing his girlfriend very well, playing a meal in the cafeteria on about I come to zigzag bridge.Due to poor mood, ate hula hula ring, it is indecent, but also from time to time deliberately leave out a few grains of rice fell into the lake, a few oil-star quickly spread out, prompting competition for the fish, turn on turn down.Then a knock pot with chopsticks, when the cry, the whole scare away the fish puff.I knew he was upset, cheerful is specially fitted out.In fact, he was feeling quite thin, I say Stop it, he will soon calm down, he muffled sitting next to, watching from a lake reflection.I appeased him patiently, and offers many pure layman for him, idiot recommendations.This is a good night’s moonlight, my whim, it is about his girlfriend (for the time being so called it) to the lake with the full moon.Moonlight like water, quietly spilled on the lake, we go, lake moon follow them, really will make trouble.Girlfriend looked very lady, I also installed a very gentleman, hand did not pull even a night.The next day, I put on a very exciting way, and his best buddies boast, is how to succeed, kissing embrace what have done, made some very envious buddies.Of course, soon after, two girls are not good at coax master of love, the result is have fizzled.Summer Serpentine lake, in the hot sunshine, dazzling light thrown.The two sides have become more and more dark green leaves, willow trees from time to time with that slender willow brush to get at the water.Alas, I went to the final exam.In order not to make-up, I had very little classroom of students borrowed laptop, hiding in the greenery in the lake or zigzag bridge pavilion, the mad fill copy, ruthless remember.This is what I learned most of the time focused.Suddenly, notebook paper appear a little Yin wet, looked up and saw the time when the lake without risking millet flowers, oh, rain!Immediately, large grain rain, a drop of east and west two drops, playing in the lake, the ripples spread, of a swing into a ring.Then, thick rain, droves to play down the whole lake is Yuhua, petite, lush, Smart.Yuhua layers, like a plum univalve blossoming, blooming, the withering, ad infinitum.Lake thick on both sides of the leaves, the rain did not hesitate to dig into, leaf save animals, like countless children in the play, Xixi rustled.A gust of wind blowing, cedar and bamboo is a burst of swing, as if to give vent to the irrepressible joy.Exposure booth, listening to all kinds of complex sound complex sound.Look around, lake and fog heaven and earth, the blend, with Yun magic emanation.In these circumstances, suddenly remembered the movie Lake White Snake and Xu Xian meet the scene, it seems ear sounded: a little place, missed the opposite hand pull hard, hundred years of cultivation the same boat, the Millennium repair bed can sleep.I do not know my personal affinity of where you are, but I know Serpentine lake, and in front of me, you should at least have the edge over a hundred years to repair.    Serpentine lake, autumn, lean a lot.Walking trails in the lake, from time to time there are patches of leaves drifted down, or at the foot, or floating into the lake, the trail twists and turns long, really a bit faint trails, feeling faint trails.Lake fish have begun to calm down, it seems that this could not bear to disturb the peace and quiet, only painstaking swimming in the lake.Start a difficult brother hard girl who has to go to the country, leaving me alone in the city II.From day to and from school into two, wind, rain and forth, very tired, and my heart is always empty,.Only met good night, I was a low-grade buddies, I will find time to accompany the nine lakeside walk, see lonely widowed Huan, heartless drove not funny joke.    The weather is getting cold, a half-starved winter rain to re-feed the lake.While frost down the frozen lake finally have masculine hardness, the world under the ice to return to the original state of the uterus general, silence.This is the first winter after graduation, I saw a lake in the nine still studying buddies, this time I have been allocated in a remote rural school, buddies also matured a lot more than the original, hard difficult brother sister their assignment also settled.Best buddies with a meal ticket in the cafeteria called meals, plus a few packets of beans and a few bottles of wine, on the zigzag bridge, chatting topic after another, talking and go at the difficult situation you brother sister difficult: want to be mayor Alberto is not assigned to villages and towns, want to CEOs a justice of the sea, “photographer” Iowa opened a photo studio, Zhu brother stayed, Joan sister, Lin sister became a teacher.The result is both drunk.    Twenty years, Serpentine lake, how about?Brother sister were all difficult difficult these days?

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