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Part one: Thank you, my Allure time passing years, a person to see the flowers bloom, and finally one day, be able to an onlooker would write this story.  We have not said yes separate, not abandoned, finally proved by the fact that one day, all that, but a function words.  When I was in the summer of street, looked up, looked at the sun, finally I understand that everything is over.  So far everything.  Text / summer shallow Hee millet when out of the classroom, holding a pile of books, hand some acid, and a weekend.Is a doomed exam papers dealing with questions of the day.  I do not have much time to despair forlorn, melancholy little time.  Classroom bright red digital countdown board to remind them that life’s most important decisions coming up.  Went campus shed, I heard someone calling her, millet.  She turned around, her face sideways.  That stand in the sun watching the boy pushing a bicycle with her smile.Tall, thin, thick eyebrows, just looks a little lonely look on.This long time in juvenile own world, at the moment is quiet and warm smile to her.  Ah, millet crashed.Nod and smile, I pick up truck.  Two people pushing a bicycle walk on campus, surrounded by past teachers, classmates, have a good understanding of, do not know, waved goodbye.Occasionally calls out loudly, whistling publicity and over.  This is an extremely simple and gentle to get along, all the way two people said nothing, surrounded by a warm silence each other.  Until then ran pushing a bicycle appeared around them.The atmosphere was pervasive, millet, then also a lot more.  Three people go home go a long way, summer breeze, softly blowing, three hair a little messy.Summer dam side full of yellow inflorescences, and some unknown plants.  This way, they have gone three years, soon after the exam, these road finish, start a new life.  Three men while riding a bicycle while talking about funny things happening own class and then ran millet is a class, he was in another class, so the three together is always lots to talk about, millet always talk the most, two people are laughing in a long time to listen to her, since if a week of fun funny things around her round and round.  Her personality is very lively, good at discovering life, learning a lot of fun things.  For example, this week.  When their teacher lectures, it is like on the tail with a “ah” mildly read between the interjection.Very personal style.  Hear more, on the same table millet that boring old class hours in one day, orthography draw on scrap paper, old class per say a “ah”, he would draw a sum, after the old class after class, left , and during the break, at the same table to get a result, 127 “ah” on a class down, the old class extra 127 “ah”, which is really a talent ah.  Millet while gesturing while very exaggerated smile, two people have been infected with laughter millet.  Every such times, usually silent Yu also become a little more conversation, he told them, his whole week and who, be careful not to provoke anyone, and the other ferocious that no longer ignore him, but in class discussions and friendly sent through this exercise, we talk quietly to each other.  Young is good, no matter what’s contradictions, there is always the next moment forget.  To the bifurcation, we waved goodbye, then ran all the way with millet, two people still spoke some fun things, good mood, occasionally topic will put Yu’s body.  Everyone has their own things carefully, but the other party is no longer the man they want to talk.  How much of the talk will not touch each other’s little secret, two people have a great understanding, who will not go touching those words not thus ambiguous.  Three people, it is not without emotion, but no one was willing to destroy selfishness belong to the people there are wonderful.  Perhaps, this way, always three people, there are some small hint of sweetness and happiness never subsided during linger.  Perhaps, people who do not want to do that first broke happiness.  If after the test, it is to go our separate ways.  When the heart of the last vestiges of reason is another had no idea what flooded, he decided to look for millet clear.  But then ran on campus to see him standing in a plant before a well-known what to say.  Beautiful around them and harmonic atmosphere she drowned her bloom and go.  The next day is the deliberately avoid, anyway, from the test a few days, they do not know what happened.But did not questioning what.  Exams over, millet packed his things and left the pictures of her deep place to escape to a place 1,000 kilometers away from them, where her parents.  She has not see the road ahead.  Youth in the sad confusion is as it should be, or even better, in order to flaunt their unique life.  Anyway, finally we still have to remain a man, good life.  In a strange city, strange road, watching strange scenery, accept their familiar concerned, that little bit of a slow unwilling to finally relieved.  Perhaps it was just in my heart said to myself millet.  Summer had finished, millet accordance parents arranged into another school, and they are admitted to the same school, heart, pride carries last into the new school, I met many new friends and started new life, in fact, did not want to, in the end, really sad only own one.  Three people still often get together, talk together better, and better event happened in high school.  The story is not just a continuation of the way to the development of more that miss.  How sad, the three of them, separated, sit together, after all, just talking about the past, millet in the bottom of my heart that I tell anyone, I actually do not want such an outcome.  But after all each other’s life is staggered, and had perhaps just a temporary parting of young and fit, as well as those who own words never know they are talking about.  Those left in the Sentimental memories, always could not understand a thing, like a heavy wound, after all traces of scab.  After that, they think as originally millet, and finally hold up each other’s hands, that moment, without any unwilling, no heartache, heart, but is relieved easy.  At that moment, millet understand, she had so fondly on him, maybe just think fondly of him was young and traveled together.  During that best days I had originally thought that the reason to go at that moment a bit redundant ridiculous.  Three people walk together side by side, watching the twilight bathed the earth, but that part of riding a bicycle to go home with memories of the journey has been slowly dissipating as mist, which rightly.  All the way magnanimous, millet told myself, I like you, but what if it is, can only be a thing of the past.  Thank you, my Allure passing time, millet burst into a smile, tears.    Part II: Allure time, for whom I have to stay together?  The silent would say: he once loved it?Years later when he was not married, I’m married, it would be what the outcome?  - EDITORIAL words who in my years ups and downs, ups who in my years.Buddha said: cause and effect.Walking through the bustling crowd, should meet and that is due to the accumulation of past life, swaying in the rolling Red Dust, should the love that is later ripe fruit.(Chinese essay net WWW.sanwen.COM) do you believe in Buddhism?If you believe, then to believe that fate will not end.The rise of looking up at the sky, my many years that he and I are kind of reunion after scene?Perhaps the troubled times we can get God who sheltered it from each other?Hiding feelings are not released, then this world would not be missed for those who stay in a rut buried with the wind, it seems to love.  Who Allure pass my time, and never look back, leaving me to stop standing in the crowd of tens of thousands only to find that I am he, crossing the track of time and space, I’m waiting, I’m that he still did not come.  Red was removed in between, so there will always meet some of the people moved, tempted, even crazy or forget the original himself, but for him, perhaps just a visitor, a friend, a confidant, a stranger, why should accompany him to the satisfaction of Love wasted to the End of the World?  Meet, perhaps most hurts me is that I met that he was holding someone else’s hand slip away from me, feeling as if I was an orphan abandoned by the whole world.Passionate youth time, let me how to write for you?  Through the ancient, a Bai’s “Everlasting Regret” so that my thoughts drifted a Soul of Hero prosperous Tang Dynasty, Yang, so set a much-beloved, Emperor eventually the whole world is negative, Lishan warmth, troubled times, who can guarantee who’s comprehensive, can only meet in the afterlife seeking Penglai.Feelings are always bumps in mature, and mature process is a dream life of bitter.I was paving the way for whom?Who is waiting for the outcome?Pen and ink smudged, illegible, read me, who edged paper umbrella propped up, dress to the body, wandering among the southern landscape.  Elegant fresh glowing slightly fragrant, who forehead outline whose roots on rice paper with ink pen Baozhan; who ink incense curl the tip whose barren Love dancing on rice paper; who graceful tip with freehand who love the past lives on rice paper.Remembrance of things past lives this life, I do not want at the time to love him, take him from my world abruptly stripped.  I wonder if he can get used to a person quietly, life is doomed fate can not come, is whether he can control the?  Over the years a person sky, no sense of direction, the future can not find the way, I learned to calm when facing difficulties and indifferent to accept, but when people know the dark and sinister in this troubled world, reduced the find obscure corner, a trace of sadness and loneliness in spreading paralysis of the oppressed, but to breathe the air of mood.  I do not know when it began to hate the word mercy, allow yourself to become hard-nosed, no armed to smile, I like looking at someone else’s story, his tears flow, like it myself, but miss the past.  I grew up in, but they have no consciousness, once the fairy tale from the mind gradually go further away, until disappear.With age, never ever fantasized about a happy ending prince and princess happy life, afraid to wake the latter have generally happy with the foam gently touched on the broken.And then told he can not be immersed in the fantasy castle, the reason why people can not live in a fantasy which, because of the fantasy world is too beautiful, easily lead to psychological gap and schizophrenia.  Human desire is endless, knowing that fish and bear’s paw can not have both, you have to insist.If one day I want to ask, and the country is willing to give up what you beauty?Smile that this is not a multiple-choice, then you can tell me that you do choices?Do not think that love is deep-rooted, all the pay and income are rightly.We have been naive, I think love is I wish you love, just think of romantic surprises, the most familiar picture than hugs and kisses.  Now I have already bid farewell to the ivory tower yesterday, June 7 once again, and if the college entrance essay topic into the subject of love, but I have nowhere to put pen to paper.  Recently fell in love with drama, who knows who do not want to be a prequel, this does not end the story is still happening, as if no sequel, love to leave, please do not stalker, if I would turn around , left to their own point of honor speech.Although the occurrence of articles or outside little, if someday I will accept you, that I would also like to give this person who hurt me a chance; if someday I’ll dump you, that’s what I want to tell you not everything It can be repeated; if someday I will reject you, that I can not go to confirm this love in the end is right or wrong.  Although now not afraid of parting, but Liu Buchu tears when fear of parting, parting grief should of course, I can not feel sad scene even more painful.Like I can not ask him edge set Sansei III, just to be able to meet in this life, maybe you think this is a desecration.I have said: I’m not good enough, brave enough, good enough, but I’m honest enough.That future not to follow the so-called unforgettable romantic, I am not afraid wrong choice, self-mutilation began to hide their.I can do is not to make their future as they are now themselves as sentimental.  I myself only in the text, the face of other people’s tears quietly, not that I pity you did not agree to break up, you’re not that street beggars, they do not win my sympathy, people have selective memory I can do to erase, calm here.  With my intuitive interpretation of this community told me there is no free lunch, so I do not casually into the forbidden love, that is really blasphemous.  Why do people always have to go to the envy of others jealous?Why is so insatiable?Peeping everything had not his own, things are good others do it?Even got what can, because you do not know how to appreciate the color of the flowers, taste its fragrance, just blindly infatuated.You still do not know how to cherish, it can only become more fragmented!  I want to say is to cherish every friend around you, and you calculate a few can spend through thick and thin?Now accompany you to prove that they are worthy of you to rely on people, though your happiness is not necessarily given by them, but your pain is that they are willing to share your.  20 years, how many countless days and nights, and how many people in my entire life 20 years it?If life had not met him, I look forward to his next reincarnation of love.If he has found happiness in this life, that person is not me, I would like to bless, I’m not greedy, I can not personally say that he should share with you the joy of the common people that I.You do not see strong man in front of me, so please do not say I am weak.Women do not always attached to the man, to learn self-reliance, otherwise in the end, can not you leave me, I will not live.  Sometime last year I told myself I have to learn to live on their own, it has to have the ability to dependents of their parents, they do not have to filial piety, but be sure to let them happy.In fact, looking back only to find the world has been unconditionally for me to pay only my parents, they say I’m going gets tough, they say I’m vain, they said I did not know, they said I.Do not think, is the best choice to escape.I just know that he, this big city, although there are many, many people, but I rely on him that I was the only.I do not care about other people’s sparring, indifference to turn a blind eye, but I care, I care that he can accept I have so many shortcomings.  Encounter not liking and bothered me that he would say it’s the two of us worry about it?If together, to believe that pressure can not separate us, did not separate us from the time we do not separate.To remember that feeling has never been a man thing.If we are not able to share each other’s sad, we can not talk to each other, then we, what exactly is to be together?  Nie Yuan cut off, and the king of strangers.If it does not know how to cherish, do not try to save any section of the lost love, ask yourself, why should together, knowingly.Each of us authors are their own love story, directed, are decided by the end of our own.  He picked up the scenery, just to go to our previous life of the agreement.Now write, just to immerse in the equanimity Magnificence washed away.Nian Qing, mood water.Drunk, alone, as appropriate,.Red lofty listening, he may be willing to join me in Hermitage Forest; gullies of the road, he is willing to be my crazy riding Maping Chuan; pigment not met encounter, he may be willing to look back I smile can.I sadly perfunctory remaining sigh.  Imprinted in the hearts of that piece of quiet, enough for my whole life Chiai.Boiling in the heart of the plot of the hustle and bustle, you have bestowed enough.  The Classic, encroach who love, who peeping mood, so I fled, dropped luggage, lost dreams.In the roundabout smile smile, I bow before the Buddha, devout hands together, to pray with him part of a dream, he sketched out the contours of the heart.Cut some candlelight, for whom I emergence as a butterfly?Abandon Fragment residual sentence, for whom I write this stillness?Flames with fire, who touched a chord?  Who’s who had embedded picture?Who would have crumbled who Fragrance?  Who can Ode out my words?I read both, I use Meaningful small print, painted in the ill feelings between the complex world.Such as divination camped like habitat, where is my love lost?But at the moment than a thousand words a heartfelt oath.  Who do not become who post, I that he is willing to join me wandering, waiting for the end of time a person’s right?I am that he is willing to be a woman cleared a bright future, people run to the world?  Hope docked, do no distraction, who is tempting that touch of bright?I’m just a woman, flourishing as a prime means the shijian, hope and staring you in the encounter, with half Sentimental, The Classic, suddenly find you in.  If the decision is beauty of love, then Nu Wa made man’s story I do not know how many people still remember, the world’s inherent beauty and ugliness of the points, but does not know that we mold are the same, Why should there be beauty and ugliness of the points it?Since falling to the earth, to accept the good and the beautiful edification, what exactly is true?What is good?What is the United States?Hearts already no answer.  We do not put love for granted, and do not arbitrarily to accept love from others, because you can not afford to bear this responsibility, whether you are a boy or a girl, if you can not wholeheartedly to her / him good, do not give her / him care, such care can not afford to, I want to disdain.Sometimes it is cruel, and will your dreams are shattered.  Playing with paper and ink, brush, you know my heart is like this ink is generally simple, I do not know how to reach you for the colorful fast-paced world, let your eyes stay on me one second, you can not see the charm me with the unique scent of ink, you do not give love, I am that he will grind for me to get color, then I will use my pen to write you regret youth.  Record our past lives and this life, the afterlife is unknown Sansei Stone.Why pre-existence Looking back five hundred years, this life never met, I think maybe when we met each other in reincarnation who let go of the hands of whom?I and I love that he’s still a blank, I’m going the distance, not to pursue that roadside scenery how to change from the barren downtown, but it is the destination into his heart.I swear in his life, to be owned by people rather than passing, we promised not to let each other into a beautiful mistake.  The words of the ancient imperial concubines willing to mark territory, but who is willing to me not the first white phase from it?My world is only so small, and who is willing to patch me jealously guarding a small city.  Someone once told me that marriage is the tomb of love, I do not think so, marriage allows us to form a family, to get more warmth, happiness along with it coming.If possible, I would like to me that he himself said to me: “hold your hand, with a long marriage.”I think I will not hold anything against him that I was a source of trouble, and abandon me; I am afraid that he will not poison I was a star, and alienated me; I will not because that he was beautiful, and I like ; I will not because that he was frivolous, and hurt me; I am that he is not.Alone awaiting the share of happiness belongs to me, looking at me in a love story whose shadow; who haunts the heart in three thousand black hair; between the lines and write who uninhibited; mottled time revealed a who’s missing.Imprisonment, just as people wait for a lifetime, watching her / him to get married, have children, widowed or divorced.Those concerned if nothing had happened, maybe we have lost sight of, I would love just once, to find that he belongs to us, just how lucky we are, people want to know how grateful I am that maybe he had not noticed so many years, I he was just left lying in the corner behind in time, as if some people are willing to descend to love themselves, can not force people do not like their own together, this love, love Tu Mi, obscure.If it were me that he, I think perseverance once, perhaps like love story took a dramatic turn when really understand that love is hard to come by in my pen, eager for fame or fortune after twists and turns.  Across the virtual space, in the form of words to convey my mind.The difference is that I used to be that I find him, but now I find that he was in me, and looking after the decimal point, that time has left in the pen, who is calling me?Picked the wrong person can be replaced, that will happen and I missed him in this life I can not, I do not ask that he met with me in hosting the Games for Love, I care about is my holding that he can my hand went to the final.After all, it is ignorant, wandering day willing to be a puppet, not much I ask, is the only hope of State write, that I am he, more than you know at Allure time, and who am I writing a vagrant years?I rolled out a piece of paper Su Jian, a light ink landscape, carving a mood, carrying a wisp of words rhyme send away End of the World.  I read the text of my people may not necessarily that he was, but I must have known to have been, I know who.  What guided me determination to go pick up my pen?Compose a poem of love, so lightly between the lines, so that poetic phrase to Proverbs.I want the whole Allure time for you to swipes ink crazy, the rest of the fleeting years with hourglass per minute to record every second in waves.  I admit the inevitable loneliness uncomfortable, but compared to worried about it, and sometimes there is also worried about a joy it!I waited in my place that he came to me, I look for 20 years, always waiting for the people have changed, the roadside scenery with the seasons transform, I know, although I never met him that, but we all love each other, it is a fact not changed.  To believe, The Classic, The World We will meet again.  To commemorate, also bless those who live in the face of adversity, we must always believe that true love is all around us.The Classic, do not miss the season of flowers.She had been touched with sadness, after suffering numerous tempered, before showing a rainbow.I love, there is God’s.  Write now, years later still with you tonight as write youth.  Allure time, for whom I have to stay together?- I write that he was “personally Xin Mao June” °

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