Allure time, getting old

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Su Jian years on, we all have a story, have an unknown outcome; in fact, more beautiful than the process of interpretation of the intentions of the years.Text is our soul, mind after reading the other one, every dialogue between the soul between the write and read, that is, the years you want to tell the heart incense, and lead you as a friend.      This earth, as long as you stay again, look back, or run aground once enamored of this world, or to have a cup of mellow wine and made emotional captives; now, if “feeling” words still so difficult to remain unaffected, could not bear to give up; I I want to say: you do not have a wandering leaves, bloom once their minds, hearts do not dye dust, meaning not with wave.    Look!That a winter snow kinda stand plum shoot, banana rain still lingering warm, even go that far levy geese are still staggering, then spun your ears long song and why silent.Snow plum shoot it mind its own fragrance, lingering Yudabajiao it also has profound meaning, well deserved Yan Zheng fingers have also Lengnuanzizhi, you walk back and forth over the life of the flowers and clouds, busy seasons, you should know how to interpret the intentions.A piece of paper Su Jian, will narrow time since Enron, a bright, Wang Chuan will also falling water from the War.Who from time fingertips across, who fall into the fleeting whose eyes you wither; who can not bear caught a one-handed, whose brow frivolous always Xiaofeng moon.    No matter how gloomy you can change, nor the years and asked how innumerable twists and turns, let his thoughts have ended in between your words, look back, bridges, in the depths of time, every time ink pen to paper stunning waterfront I will be sincere heart with a lotus seed Su, brought back touching your eyes with the love of his life, waiting for the wind old picture earth, the years of the green word whitening at your fingertips.Chen flute late evening, linger past; thousands Xiaozhuan, time to make complaint.Qing Yan worry thick, thin people spend all; the earth dash, locked green dream.    As long as a piece of paper Su Jian intentions, emotions and had never rub shoulders; as long as the situation is a little light ink run, even white hair three thousand emotions will certainly continued margin.Some people say, I read in the sun, the warmth of his life, you read the text, you are one of the most beautiful scenery.Should In my lyrical heat in your heart still feel not enough, do not need to let go; I need to have your fulcrum, give me fire text spectrum of a rhyme; the theme is warm, melodic swing, along Nalanxingde Southern Tang Li Yu sad feelings to write a sad song, pondering that country broke from the War of the Red repressed memories and poetic in between colorful ink.There are fleeting, and significant Ming; parting channel, fine, v..Drops of ink madness, just as Xu Fu your word.    Perhaps, love to the depths of self-destruction, love, etc. owned by people day concentrated worry.Light rain fingertips, gently pour out in the memo Sansei reincarnation, message of hope miss the past, present into the wind in my pen and ink, the rain, the ink drop for this moment crimson catharsis.The quiet moonlight lit, no scar wrapped in recovery, light hits the road covered with aromatherapy, to bring a ray of Xiaoxiang dream, smell a fragrant Yihong, drunk a tie poetry, or shallow Yin harps, bells and drums, or humming; dyed a clear, spill a pool of clear water, warm dream, make love affair stained love affair, into the heart, into the concept, into a time.    In the eyes of ordinary people, the article is just speak it.However, in view of the wise: It is a good article and honest language people feel your sincerity; wise words to make you survived in danger; the philosophy of language people feel your talent.Language is not necessarily used to say, as people in love get lost themselves, find their own, the wise man hid himself behind love, the harvest is full of warmth and happiness.Stupid people are willing to give their lives, only to accompany his eternal regret in another world; the reason why we love the article, heavy feelings, verbalize their meaning, because it is like sunlight to melt between people snow and ice, like a spring rain as nourishing people’s lives, like the oriole wake up lonely as cold heart.    Among the static text into the United States, from the War and prosperity beyond earthly.Earth natural change, just as the cold wind Allure of late, was felt to be a different kind Chun, a different kind of song from.If you have not even the vicissitudes of earthly goods out of taste, you want to see the quiet beauty of life that you?Refused to visit the cold wind, he rejected the summer splendor; and the most respectable but it is quiet at the old man of the seasons, the same is rejected because it rejected quietly, this is his years with the exchange of charm.    From the Red fleeting glimpse of, and then to old age fond.Even if the scenery better, but can not accompany you to the old; one more shortcoming, but is willing to accompany you to the end.Written living will become ethereal gallery, there is no written perhaps a dark tombs, no matter what you end up commentary, that are descendants of choice.The only hope is to give us time, it will be a lot of passing stories washing clean, probably as good as people love the past and expressed satisfactory outcome, quietly cut a ray of emotions, flying in the snow flying in from Oncidium dolphin off the fingertips, passing through year course, a glass of liquor reflected among temples white hair, even a dull, also inked an instant, until the imagination and reality are stable compromise with each other in those words, the only to feel the touch of a real heart and soul.    Su Jian years on, the most beautiful is the process of carefully interpretation; writing is a person’s heart activity, put Zhijian, is connected to the other one mind, sentiment.As consideration, thoughts, insights, what sublimated into!    I just opened a have your Su Jian, that to the deep feelings, those flowing in the years of love, then, through the yellowing of the story, after rampant.Allure was a time, later, never grow old slowly in indifferent heart, pen and ink prime shadow.

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