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Part One: Allure bloom dusk on the occasion, the breeze blowing gently, from the half-open window from time to time slipped, naughty shake my white curtains angle.Sky outside the window, big flower big flower gray clouds slowly wandering.Love the month of June that the cool weather.  Favorite wearing linen dress, sitting comfortably in the evening in the top floor, facing the wilderness behind the house, quietly waiting for the coming of the night.Wind, page by page, perseverance and turning the diary body side, the wire nearby, quietly sitting in a tiny Yan’er, when not in the cool wind, combed back and forth the wings of the day , put on a variety of charming, pleasant posture.Porcelain cup in my hands TANSEI floating in the twilight exceptionally beautiful camellia.  I have a lot of different shape cup.No matter where you are, as long as love at first sight encounter a cup, would not you want to control it brought home.So my cup large and small, colorful, different body type, very neat.Year after year, after another one by one to take home, along with a daily mood transform my cup, despite being criticized Petty people, but I do not care.The wind to the rain go the road of life, we are generally required as Yan’er hard rushing to and fro every day, but also does not allow us to fly their pleasant mood in the evening breeze?  Some people’s physique is not suitable for tea, and I was.But I love roses and chrysanthemum tea.  Take a milky cup, curl Tingting stood a woman Xianxiu on cup.Rose picking a few grains of tea into the cup, into the boiling water, immediately, rosebud it seems to get a new life in general, gradually opening up in water, slightly unsteadily, elegant ups and downs float switch, a touch of floral scent from it.Like the cup who willowy woman, hair flying, skirts and aroma.The feeling is not only open roses, or soul.  Sometimes a blue and white porcelain cup.As if the depths of the years of leisurely walking a startling beauty of the roots, small embroidered shoes faint stuck his head in dress and manner, her smile hundred pro-sudden and devastating.Take a few grains into such a small blue and white porcelain cup of chrysanthemum, a round blossoming chrysanthemums will bloom in pale blue tea inside, such as lotus lily on the river, quietly floating in the hubbub outside, drink it, brushed covered with dust, the whole body will be refreshing to spend leisurely soul open, as if magically transported on top of the Red.  .We do not live in a world of Tao Yuanming.We have to breathe every day a large number of floating dust in the air, we have to walk in the hustle and bustle of people coming and going every day the years, we have seen more or less want to see the scenery every day, every day we may from time to time hear not want to hear the words.Wake up to the fresh air of sober us to the evening when the air is dirty heavy crowd.We leave to escape such a big world, but when the night comes, can you create into our own little world?Holding the beloved cup, rose eat only seen in the evening breeze, listening chrysanthemum Qing Yin, immersed in a beautiful dream, the mood of the night with willowy float switch, walk slowly, the soul of the bright flowers open.In their own little world, and it seems to be – Empress Dowager.  A cup a love at first sight, will continue holding home.Even still criticized for being petty, but I do not care.Wind, rain go the road to life, run around and impetuous, but it took the soul given to always open, you open yourself to smell the fragrance yet?    Part II: bloom Allure, Allure love spring flowers is very bright, I think, I think, your city, whether too, every flower blossoming spread at every corner of it?This spring, so warm, you remember the moment whether there will be a long absence, I?  - Inscription [Kapok spring, met happy] wind chimes rang the spring season, still the flowers, birds.  The beginning of spring is the end of another season, this is a spring, passion waves of warm spring is also a season of love.We stroll in the spring, watch the flowers are blooming, white clouds; we laugh in the spring, listen to the birds singing, the love petals scattered in the spring.  I remember you said you like spring, there are spring, warm sun, and me, to accompany you through Kapok open season.  You see, the sky the color of red, accompanied by the breath of the wind, a rush to open the blossoming Kapok, with flaming red as a rose-like, pleasant, like a strong watery cents.It seems to tell a whole life, telling a beautiful legend.  I heard that every flower has its own story, or romantic, or – sad, or they.Meets you, it Kapok blossom season, that year was nineteen years old, First love me, because you sun goes off bright smile; because you have a pair of tender eyes of God; because you are the kind of uninhibited free and easy temperament, as you point me like a dragonfly’s heart Lake, a breeze across my eyes, from love with you.  We hand in the spring breeze and listen to the flowers, listening petals falling Enron, make a wish at Kapok, wishing to spend together every spring Kapok.  Countless yesterday, happened, and finally form the property of sweet memories, page by page, exudes the aroma of spring, filled with the love song of spring.Looking back at, then look back.The only tomorrow, the only joy in each done and today, the same, eternal.Sauna net a “Kapok spring” quietly flowing in the ears, “Rain, foggy, has been looking forward to flowers bloom, waiting, waiting, waiting for me, not to let my empty journeying to wait, spend the next exhort, I have never forgotten, flowers under oath, we would never, ever break up.”Recalls a period in red Kapok’s twists and turns, a blessing in abundance Kapok’s watch, so the cycle of seasons, the years of transition, blossom, will be in every season of their own some day bursting out of the complex, or happy, or sad, or happy, have become a memory of the Acacia.  Afternoon, the sun warm ocean, Mo flowers.A cup of tea, a roll of idle word, ma’am.Finger, flick through the broken hair.Dimei, indifferent smile.Lift eye, a wavefront shallow!Quiet, fragrant, sweet.Quiet off the petals, quietly-spoken.But you know, like you, I would look up smiling.  Kapok open, who is with whom doubted see?Kapok, who for whom still waiting?Kapok open, you see it?I heard, Kapok language of flowers: cherish the present one, cherish the happiness around.So, when the wind flowers, painted for the love of a circle, a promise, waiting Huakaibubai.  [Blossoming peach open, faces of the people where to go] last year, this door today, Moment of truth.Faces of the people do not know where to go, Love and be loved.  Love and pink, gentle enough, how many Acacia, how much care, heartbroken sad, deeply grieved.  Love and tender and beautiful, gorgeous and charming, Qian turn back street, not Iraqis, easy-years old, the roots of heartbreak.  Spring flowers bloom several times, how many fleeting ups and downs, and now the return of spring blossoming fruit trees, but do not know where you are?  The sun, peach blossoming open, in front of a blooming flower of tenderness, a peach of intoxication, ending a love.In this beautiful season, in this season of fragrance, people fascinated in this season, the butterflies flew a field of flowers, Splendor with gentle pace, hard to find a common destiny of love.White catkins, with crosses in the air.Spring flows through the eyes clear, warm memories flood in his memory.  Once, we enjoy singing in the wilderness.Do you like the bull “peach blossoming open” “warm spring breeze blowing head, peach blossoming open, poolside birds in pairs, Valentine heart flowers, hey hey shout shout.Your bright smile, engraved in my mind.”Often like to hum a few.Yue Ting feels more like good writing for both of us, so we are deeply in love with this song.  Spring blossoms, although I stand here, can not see the sea, but will be able to stand in the middle of charming blooming peach, portable skirts enjoy singing dancing.  Gentle breeze Buddha too, peach one, and one, lonely falling forward, Love, thin man.Son condensate, Peach Grove whether you stand by me?  Irresolute alone at the edge of memory, love geometry, geometric dream?Peach hands to Heaven, when I see her lover?  From the other, the hope to meet again, how much past a dream smoke, how much memory down to the dust, how many Acacia condensation in the peach, but the Acacia sprinkling the air, turned into rain, graceful rampant, the love of your mind wrapped ingrained.  Colorful season, rain fly, love rain, peach shed, you still want!  Whether I am in Haijiaotianya, you must be resident in my softest heart.  [Sakura Huazipiaoling, destined never ending] dawn and sunset, floating time so quietly slip away, belonging to a person’s time.So quiet beauty indifferent.In this warm afternoon sun, write a faint whisper.Dough revived a hint of Wang Riqing.  Sit alone under the cherry trees, stared white, elegant crushing petals, full of whole branches, like a shy little girl’s face, glowing blush, every one is so beautiful.  Remember we walk together under the cherry trees, the same wind, listening to the wind, watching clouds.Together under the cherry trees witness of our friend, love.We did not need me, we do not sweet talk, only a relatively true, will only make between each other deep heart, not for the next life, as long as this life of love in this season of cherry blossoms, cherry blossom and grab beautiful moments of litter, let love in an instant the eternal, because it was said, the cherry blossom is perhaps only a brief moment, but in the hearts of people is eternal.  My mind is always whipped your memories.In the cycle of seasons, the former flowers, flowers and leaves, honestly Acacia, passing breeze; elegant affection, carry a white clouds; yo-care, running water placed.I like the subtle, quiet beauty of a person’s time, pale and distant, light and quiet.  Floral strands floated away, look back to see cherry blossoms gently swaying in the wind, a wind falling petals.Hand catch one, still as Hongyan.I looked at it out of the heart of a tree, and watched it gradually falling petals.  Cherry waving, hand in hand attachment.Cherry blossoms fall from wandering doomed to no end.

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