Allure daylight, the arrival of spring flowers

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Even daylight Allure, spring, and my heart still feel the cool.    - Inscription a person, put on headphones, listening to the song.Happy or sad, calm or agitated, there will always be a song that you feel at this time.So remember, as they thaw of spring water like waves in my heart, light turmoil.    Each song has a story, but hearing a lot of it will naturally ignore.Until one day, in a particular environment to hear again the time will find that the original and they are so similar songs in which the hero, even a kind of initiation is connected with the life of feeling, so, the mood will become heavy, deep in my heart of those who, once hidden in the old days, it will flood my mind as.    Looking back, looking through footprints, stop and go all the way, happy or sad, success or failure, at least did not live up to the time.Along the way, he can endure the loneliness of a person but better than nothing, because the dream is still time to bloom, that as sunflower, head held high, toward the rising sun.Dream has been, you and I will be able to keep going and not get lost in the past years.    We walked on, before the emergence of convenient fork in the road, left the youth, living right.Like milk, coffee sang as I walked by the stubborn becomes soft, we have grown up.Thus, we will feel anxious, reluctant to youth, but must choose to live, along with their dreams of getting away from the line trajectory away, pursuing the happiness of others mouth.    However, we are yet so unwilling to.Reconciled wasted youth, forgotten dreams a reality, then we will become a traveler.You pass me, I pass by you, the moment of encounter, a laugh, we both became the scenery of others on the road.In this journey I want to slowly go the distance in the recovery of lost myself.Nightlife net Daylight Allure, spring, I was eager to start.Stock your camera, backpack, riding a bicycle toward the distant marching to recover lost myself missing you.

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