All over again

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When just born, there is no sorrow, in her mother’s arms inside, the mother will not let us feel the waves of this world; because of her mother’s arms inside, we are always happy haven.But we are not likely to always lie in her mother’s arms, not always be the baby’s memory, it may not never face of this world will never be the cold taste of this world.Inadvertently always growing, always facing the waves; as the days past, we will have their own thoughts, they will no longer muddle, but wanted to flying.    Time is always like a curl Nana girl, but with modesty mouth humming a little song.This is childhood, always feel the warmth of the day inside, even fall even climb up, will still laughing, still there will be untold joy.Always I want to look forward to quickly grow up, always want to pick flowers at the roadside and let the flowers has been accompanied, always had a fragrance around.It’s a wallow, a roundabout, forget all the troubles, which will make the sky Dangqi all the smiles, will be called out his own pride, but also feel that they will never grow old.(China Network original contributions prose WWW.sanwen.COM) voice changed, age has changed.I do not know when it began to have worries, though still at the foot to move forward, and those sad, in my mind from time to time there will be lengthy.This time will feel this is not in her mother’s arms, she has begun to be disturbed by the outside world.Sometimes feel that they have a long pair of wings, you can fly in the sky; sometimes the foot always feel difficult, but it still will not consciously moving a step forward with pace.Always wanted to find time to sort out the past graceful, but immediately came to be attracted by the graceful and the original conduct of the forgotten.    Never let the pace of time stopped, the feeling is always what went wrong.Still has a dream of age, has chosen to want to be elegant, I want to fly.Just do not know the wings are still not become stronger, but always felt already gone through countless vicissitudes.Once again continue to fall into the pit, jumped out always so easy, but do not know repeatedly setbacks, there are those countless ups and downs, has been making my mind started to become exhausted, the body has become covered in wounds.It is no longer a sprint, still constantly been disturbed, but will still slowly forward and run.    Began to be carved on his forehead Medal of years, two eyes looking out things will become confused.Looking back, those are still experiencing passion, passion will still be heroic; there are those longing, like a dream, and not very awake, but kept his peace.A heart that love, still be on the track of time spread like wild mountain springs, waterfalls always there lingering.Life feels like a sea, the waves still want to fight the flow strike has a bright future.Not anxious, not breathing is intense, step by step experience, will see a lot of surprises.    And there is no sigh, still will maintain breathing, still not looking at the time the girls get older, you want to slow her pace when she will always be removed with endless thoughts, step by step the crossing, and my heart was bleeding will; because, unwittingly growth, always leaves endless melancholy, as well as those of sadness difficult to describe in words, always wanted to start all over again countless times, countless times always wanted with those the last time can be traded, many times are carried out with regret, many times children are the heart will be broken, even sometimes want to sleep.All over again?Many times really want to start all over again.    Text / well to honor

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