All encounters are the long-awaited reunion

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If, as you say: it all, the long-awaited reunion are met!Meet and yet so short!    Say everything is destined to meet, even past life rub shoulders also frequently look back hope and pray, do not ask your name, do not ask the source, met some unreal, like a dream, between reality and fantasy, only in time to appear, the departure time to leave, not the fate of your will, sad, loss, regret, also in vain!    I believe that no matter the years, regardless of life, the end always coincide with the start.Withered flower in winter, frost was frozen, snow-covered, disappeared in the years of relentless years, how cruel is that as people feel dejected.Flower seeds have been found deep in the earth, gathering strength, just waiting for the spring of snow, a new flower and bloom in front, to spend life has embarked on a new starting point.    Life met a starting point, not the end point is a continuation of past life parting it!Even as short-lived encounter, hurry, trance to the end, should also have a lower starting point, just quietly wait, wait Enron.    If, as he says: do the waking dream; so what!Waking dream is a reality of the dream, we can see the direction, not confused, just pay, just effort, the result is not the purpose, the purpose is to understand the process of sorrows and joys, ups and downs, because you have a long-awaited reunion!    For this encounter, the long-awaited reunion, enjoy cry!Laugh heartily!This is the pleasure of life, the real life of people belonging to.    The past of the total will come, unable to retain the go, people will have to tie him down too much, sometimes involuntarily separated, sometimes involuntarily will meet, I do not believe in fate, but always subject to the mercy of fate, struggle, fight with, or can not change fate.    do not!Childhood friend, Farewell!Comrades as close as brothers!    So many memorable picture, with early morning reading, overlooking the sunset together, running with the wind, poetry together next month.Marrying, and I do not know who gets the bride, and you do not know who will play the disc hair!Fantasy, you’re just on the other side of the mountain, a cozy little courtyard, you are chickens, cleaning the courtyard, little man behind, like your shadow.Occasionally looks into the distance, if you have the pure nostalgia, romantic.    So many memorable screen, train together, sweat together, homesick together, cry together, talk about ideals together, to set a voluntary.Where are you now, whether to find the other half lives?Whether to implement the original oath, whether children around the knee, happy with each day!You will like me do?Sometimes nostalgic for the old days, nostalgia for the old pride sky.Fantasy, you’re south of the alley, listening to the swallows twittering, looking at YJ long days.I believe you will Emotion Shigeyoshi, when drunk will not forget to read the names of the brothers a few times, and hate — Yuji color letterhead foot elements, where the mountains and the water wide know!    Place to miss the moon, “Nung, moon and new moon,” I’m afraid, “the moon are not fluent Lihen bitter, oblique light to wear Zhu Xiao households”.Then I put on the fate affection, looking forward to the time the long-awaited reunion.    Winter has done, continued with spring, desolate and vitality there is no distance; parting Past, Present encounter, parting and meet only in the moment, spring day, when the farewell meet, somewhere already set number; you do just take care of yourself, life is good business, at a particular moment, you will meet the long-awaited reunion, to cherish the time reunion, a lifetime to bear in mind!    Praying realize you say: all the world meet are the long-awaited reunion; because I was doing what he said: do waking dream!

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