All Creatures flower Crow

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All Creatures Great to see the flowers flowers Crow Crow is a few years ago.That day to Liuba farmhouse river play, the river there are a few black birds, a fellow Big Brother suddenly exclaimed: “Flower Crow, have not seen for many years.”I do not believe that all crows are black, but where’s the flower.He pointing to those crows, you see, it’s neck with a ring of white feathers.I take a closer look to those crows flying slowly, really different, a circle of white feather neck, it is clear lap.Big Brother said: Crow spent a good living in the mountains where the natural environment, have not seen for many years, and now can be seen, indicating that the environment changed for the better.I was surprised, actually he just really have to spend a crow, is at hand.Want a closer look, it has a few birds flew deep in the mountains, leaving a small black dot in the sky.    Later into the mountains to play, in large estuary, off the dam, in the small Wu Gorge, the empty mountains, all deep in the mountains sparsely populated forest lush place, you can see the shadow of flower crow.    A child is considered in the countryside, the crow is an unlucky bird, those who heard the Crows, it is said to be dead, the big crow, swirling in the air, standing on high branches of a tree, “yapping” call non-stop, two general way, there is little group fly.In the large pine forests to see the spectacular crow homing, every evening, they did give all directions crow flew back, flew patch of forest in the country, assembled into a group of a group, puff sound of wings and loud sounds very far, fights people do not feel at ease.And later it became known big mouth full of derogatory world.Later crows less and less, the group of national forest in the clouds of crows are slowly disappearing, and occasionally can be seen coming from very far away crows.    Flower crow, is a spiritual bird, in the era of large-scale use of pesticides, the already living in the mountains of it, getting away from the field, only to spin in the mountains, swimming in the creek, looking for the woods fruit, seeds, insects, fish caught in the creek.I found the boundaries of their lives clearly, the following Liuba, they did not see a trace of it, their own space Happy to fly in the mountains in the jungle, never to those fields full of unknown and threatening to go, so they survive down.Not only do those sparrows nest in the yard around the thatched eaves, eating in the fields of food, come to end a die without sons.Unlike those large crows, once occupied all over the world, it is now being driven too hard to find a trace.And human enemies who must destroy the human race.These are intelligent birds, they made a wise move.    Flower Crow, be a recluse.In the depths of the mountain, free.

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