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Part One: When alive every night, whether it is bits and pieces, or the quiet unseen moon smile.I put myself into a large print, spread out on the bed, gazed out with no variegated white ceiling, quietly, intently —— even my eyelashes puzzled blinked a few times It seemed to ask me: Why do people live?  A blade of grass, with its humble green, enrich the connotation of the season; a bird, but also for its delicate wings to enhance the line of sight of the earth; a rock, but also with his arm alone, regardless of the risk weathered, support the inclination of the mountain; a firefly, but also with its little scattered scattered light, challenging the dead of night.Even a meteor, nor tragic passing, though it is to die, but he was alive — alive with people’s good wishes.  When young, I was with family members or elders encouragement and hard to learn, hard to achieve that vague dream to succeed.When I occasionally out of people but head first when I returned to reality.In fact, I was a downright ordinary continuous thump with a mortal Bale.Whenever setbacks, I keep reminding myself: my own thing they will deal with, I want to live in their own way.Perhaps in time I am stubborn, missed the sun smiled on me; maybe when I think stare, but did not hear the voice of flowers.Maybe I looked down at the moment, only to see the pace of their advance, but forgetting that string of footprints filled with warm.  I may have been living in their own world.I want to face life with a smile, but I lost the sense of humor and patience in walking, I irritable.I look forward to their own open-minded, and sometimes I was so Xiaodujichang.I even crazy desire to love my people caring and warmth, can end up leaving only the lonely self-love and self-pity.I live as if are constantly striving for perfection, but I do not want the United States and over again, etc..Maybe: alive, like a blade of grass, enriching the season, but not the whole fullness of nature.  Alive, like a bird, to enhance the line of sight of land, but not the whole vivid sky.  Alive, like a rock, supporting the tilt of the mountain, but it can not protect the whole earth.  Alive, like a firefly, prick the dead of night, but could not light up the night sky.  Alive, like a meteor, not the vast nine days there burning their courage and share life’s eternal bloom.    Part II: the city alive calm down, quiet heart.It was exceptionally quiet night’s sobering.Write this era of fashion, but I would like a point of light, perhaps it should be two, written text of deja vu.Will the lights are on only disturbed lit, there is an uneasy fear, fear will disturb the deep sleep of people and people!  For people living, living is a necessity.Words like crap, and that people are as useless.Just useless walking in the road inhuman Bale.Often ask themselves, often to try to ascertain how a person that went to worthy living component.Never thought a little bearish, but only in order to better understand the living dead.Like ants on the desk, the negative climb with food, temporary end point, but make fun of fate, falling into the abyss food, food that’s it!But it sustenance of life.Then you understand, man end his life, only to leave a decent.  Over the years he had not ring true, or body, or the mind, rarely come home, my mother prayed for me Buddha, retrieved the break, there is a cross-type for something to wear, I do not know Ho Wei Zhiwei.Mother told me to wear a good, safe Buddha will bless.I understand the mother’s mind, but also distressed mother, but buried in their hearts.I do not have any religious beliefs, but because the people believe that whenever causal.I am a person of faith in the power of.Also guilty for their past.  Two days ago, Mr. Lu Yu, the fortune teller, a whim, decided to give yourself a life count.After some bargaining, the final 10 yuan a deal.Can not help but come to nothing, the original life can be so cheap, then I thought, nothing more, just this once.I am a bad bargain, but also amazed that they can beat Mr..  Received a gift of money, Mr. playing with my hand for a long time, then looked at my face for a long time.Gasp: Wizards!I was silent, and I do not know how to answer.Mr. went on to say, you met two years of life in the most difficult to survive the disaster, unlucky ah!I nod, I look in the mirror because I have seen written on his face past.  Changed the subject, Mr. went on to say: “But soon, your good fortune will come, you are a rich life, the future will certainly make some extraordinary career.”I laugh to smile:” You see how the?”” Not disclose the secret!”I already do not have much to pursue persons who are willing troubles are not too many, not too many burdens of life, and their willingness to cherish loved ones and friends, calm alive.But people need to live living people to create a better future, because of this, even though my road is covered with thorns, and I have a good go.  Night gradually dispersed, played a crowing rooster, but also do not need to sleep, and some things will not fall asleep, and the hearts of more than a stable.    Part III: Life is to live the life of the field, every president is suffering are seeded into a hope, they are our hands.No matter who suffer anything, no matter what set neck, shoulders no matter what the load!So alive is a blessing but also a torment!In any case, only one life, life is precious!No matter what happens, be strong — alive.  - order “alive,” tells of a tragic story.Although not weeping buckets when GJM look like “dream Whispering Color”, but look “alive” makes me feel there is an immersive, a non-superficial feeling, a saw so that people feel deeply sad sad.I read the book a long time, but the faint text Yu Hua, an extraordinary story, or I forget.In the description of the background of the times suffering, “Fugui” the old man has gone through all the pain of life, when he was watching a loved one away from their own time, my heart is actually in the blood, was crying, but he is still quite over, still optimistic, open-minded to face life, when nearly seventy years of age, with a cattle as partners, but no trace of frustration in his face, you can not see how bad life there, see less than tired of morals, but rather left by years of vicissitudes, but rather he gives you life orientation.  ”Alive” hero Fukki his landlord’s son, married the daughter of a rich man in town, lived a carefree life all day, every day into the city of a common gaming house gambling.Visit a prostitute gambling gambled away the family property, and finally one day gambled away the family business penniless.Once Fukki dad died when the toilet.Maybe it’s retribution, he is the landlord, is a spendthrift.The landlord is a position previously often borrow money to gamble Fugui who sat.Penniless Fukki fill a prescription due to go to the city to save the mother’s disease, did not expect half-way by the Kuomintang troops got me soldier.On the battlefield narrow escape, when he was lucky to go home, but her daughter has become mute, his mother died, the family was poor.Fugui’s son died in accidents; and later married her daughter finally out because of excessive postpartum bleeding to death; middle-aged wife died; when two hi son dray work was crushed to death; grandson died when Pacman.The Fukki old, the rest of his days with the cow as partners, entrusted with the memory of their own loved ones, and gratitude for life, despite the unfortunate happen to them, but glad that they have been so good wife, sensible child.His life with no regrets!Everything tragedy occurred, leaving only himself alive, but he did have gone through all sorts of transcendent state of mind, to face their own past memories can be calm and discussion.  The authors did not vent at the time of this writing, no complaints or expose, but to show to the noble people.Noble here is not the kind of simple beauty, but of all things supernatural after understanding, equally good and evil, look at the world with eyes of compassion.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) hero Fukki experienced a lifetime of suffering, time and time again hovering at the edge of despair, but he did have the capacity for suffering, optimistic attitude toward the world.When he found himself indirectly killed his former son of the weal and woe of Chun-sheng, he chose to bury hatred, they appreciate each other, hate each other, but who can not abandon Asia where, while no one other reason to complain.Even in the face of desperate he is still persuade a friend to be strong to live, breathe, just to be able to live.  We are now living in no doubt there will be many difficult and setbacks, sometimes we really unbearable, but every time I think he is still grateful Fukki life when I would feel ashamed, feel and Fu Gui gap, perhaps I can not get through these after suffering the heart of sublimation, Fukki experienced the greatest pain, when he looked away when their own loved ones away, then my heart like a knife camel in pain, cut very deep pain in the body, the blood flow out.But he miraculously survived, still cheerful face life.To the extreme end of the, still holding a live cow for company.He did not leave because of their loved ones and their own lives, because “live to make people feel at ease dead.”.  What is the point to be alive?Why do not people live, just as live itself alive, not for anything other than being alive alive.In fact Fukki do not know what is alive, he only knew people live like this, experience its ups and downs, the money to take a risk, no money to various fields.Alive is that simple.  And in the world there are thousands of people still do not understand, they always think happy just to be alive, just for love, just to support the family, just for money, just to be an official, only for others.When they ran achieving its purpose to end their lives.  Some people feel that their life is not good, they can not change their own destiny, their own future does not harbor any hope, so they chose to disappear in this world.  However, I can observe for Fukki experience empathy, understand that no matter what, life always continue.If you are alive is like just to live itself alive, and not for anything other than being alive or!As long as people live, there is hope.As long as people alive is a victory.There is no better thing than to live, and no more difficult than living things!  Health is not available, the election should not be dead, alive only bite the bullet!    Part Four: alive alive is good.  Life is a dream, or rich or poor, the rich are rich, Wang Yun sky, enjoy the worldly wealth and status; the poor down and poor, hapless one, but the taste of the world doing things the truth.  Ups and downs, exhausted the rich, the poor and the rich foes, one can make the world the truth goods, Wang Chuan Red, off the ground successfully, because the alive.  People live, can appreciate the joys and sorrows of the world feeling, feeling of falling in love music lovers; people live, the Chinese traveled thousands of miles in order of the King, lamented Kyushu beautiful magnificent potential; people live, can only experienced hardships in life bitter vicissitudes, the perception of the reason hard-won happiness.  That all men are sad music, all in the heart of the world.  If dead, not a happy unrestrained, free life; two do not realize marshes, benefit.  Died, all sense are nonsense, unable to breathe fresh air this morning, I can not feel the gods of this magnificent rivers and mountains of the motherland.  Dead, love and hatred can not know everything, but can not laughing, indulging in the history of the fun of the sea.  Alive and well, life is so colorful, even the dead can not feel boring.  Still alive and well, only alive, to get the most precious wealth of life.    Chapter Five: Some people say alive, Happiness is a painful and arduous words.It is like a flower, you never know where it came from, but it will bloom like the sun in your heart.It’s more like a sand, how are you clutching grip live, but you would not raise it.  I often hear people talk about the past, about their joy, anger, sadness of those times.I often do not understand the pain of those changes with the times, but can not understand that frustration and bitterness.I always want a way to understand some of the young people of that era of truth, but I can not.Like every time I want to leave a smile, always can not do.After all, I can not rightly brilliant era in which this tragedy, just as civilized can not convey, everything is zero.  I always want to use a pen to sum up my life.But I found a lot of things better than your life.These things as towering mountains, cross in front of you.No matter how devout you move forward can not reach the end.When I get around these things, find a new direction, they would understand the life and character by no means a trifling matter, a lot of the time, these two things can determine your poles other life!  Well, it’s a jerk?It will force you to do a lot of things you want to do.Such as tolerance, understanding, patience, etc..Our belief is that these will not, at least I’m not.I do not want to live like no dream sleep so that they are never exposed to reality.But, look at this face in the crowd, toiling, rushing busy, what purpose?What is happiness?probably.I really do not understand, is desperate happiness is important, or that the real you is important!  I have always felt wronged live, but I still alive.Why do I not die?Why do I have to die?I really wronged to live, but I really want to live in this world.I want to be happy, because I want to survive.I wanted to be true to yourself, no matter what you order, you can not bury the soul alive in their own time!This is how deep the suffering it?I can not understand the reason people are happy or sad, I believe and no one to really ponder why people happy and sad.Perhaps the resurrection is the melancholy music handed down from generation to generation fate!However, our ancestors, our predecessors, why leave these disturbing emotions?If I must put these emotions finished killing himself before being buried.I want my children and grandchildren can live distractions, at least not easily lose yourself.Of course, things in the world have long taken root in the world..We need to do, just keep the cycle, continued to fend for themselves Bale!  I’m under the blue sky, I was in a certain city; I crazy to think I could not find.This in the end there is no relationship with life?Who knows?Who really understand?I want to rely problem?IQ?However, I do not know why IQ own search of solitude?  I want to drop everything and go to real tramps ah!Can go a crying, where you can sing.I want the sun the sun, the moon had wanted the moon.The rush may be dead, may be endless roar.I say my heart wanted to say, as a person capable of desperate.Tired, tired, they come back, and have to come back.Because more than myself, there are too many in this world I live with related persons.Many times, our strong live for these people.We are not stupid, nor for anything else, this is the play is life!  Many times, I think I can leave the world exactly what death?I do not want to just those few ounces of ashes, do not want my ancestors and descendants know that I am very mediocre.Besides, I did immoderation.Of course, everyone has the pursuit, which is the practice of a man it!As a dream, whether noble or despicable dubbed colors, it can not block the sonorous essence.I do not want the future to me as someone waste, the key to this is that you do not want to waste when people, but their willing, will become waste.So, perseverance, hard work, very important!Do you want to make a serious person, really hard.Alive not just to live, but also to die.While we who did not escape, but too many people are no longer alive with the dead.Moreover, these people will never be able to detect their pain, once aware they quickly grow old.Because the pain of too much courage to live!  I often fantasy, in what way will leave this world.Sometimes I listen to this idea say giving people say that I am crazy, right.They are not afraid of death, I am also not afraid to die.Perhaps this is really a taboo.So what can?You do not want, you do not discuss, death will not come to you?If so, then the fear of death or fear of death who do not deserve to live!Why must we come to the end of life dare to comprehend the true meaning of life, it can only be talking about life and death?Life and death of this one, all life, is only two ways to send welcome and.Figured out, except you can calmly face life Daxitaibei, you can go live seriousness of.  Every human life should be meaningful, though the food chain, human beings eat and drink Lazard is essential, but apart from these, can also be coated with their own unique color to the world.Even if difficult, even painful, at least this gorgeous color will always go on.Well it’s alive, alive will be happy.    Part VI: alive alive, have their own value, to be used as a strong presence in this world.- Padraig There have always been people who sweat in exchange for meager income, the most physical exertion pay, in return is not proportional to the reward.They still face up to life, with sweat tenaciously live in this society.Maybe they no culture, no knowledge; no rhetoric; no earth-shattering feat; not spectacular career, but they have very soon, goodness, justice and conscience.They like ants, are trying to live in a fair society is not every day, just to be able to – to live.  I pick up the goods at the library, stevedores rushes to say: “hey!Long time no see old Qiu, and he did not know how the?”I have not seen for a long time suddenly remembered the old Qiu.I was very thinking about him, he did not know how the.  Lao Qiu is a stevedore, fifty years old.The first time I saw old Qiu, I felt he was coming from the Republic of character, reminds me of the old Qiu Jiang Zhaohe master painting “Refugee map” in the refugee.Lao Qiu sloppy, casual, emotional, very sense of justice of a man.Lao Qiu long pair of triangular eyes, clatter the eyelids, bags under the eyes long; all folds at the corner of crow’s feet; nose red and slender; his mouth and some large arch mouth, only a sparse supporting his two front teeth.Other teeth were knocked out and fight drunken Kediao; his thin cheeks, face like that in this life never washed out; the hair volume and less, some balding; thin and long neck.Lao Qiu is older than many of their peers.Head a glance in the past, like a drunk old Qiu, in fact, he does not drink, like drinking too much.A bending station three, had never seen his physique straight.Because work, his clothes are always worn out, not the sleeves open line, is a hole in the body.Although Lao Qiu is a stevedore, I still respect him.Lao Qiu is a small working team head, led a dozen people work, his working team very fair, he never smoked red.I see him at first somewhat disgusted him, not his looks, but he was unloading unloading too messy.Put the stacks of goods like him, a stack of three curved.I said to him, more severe chaos.Later, I try not to say it, the reason why they work with, because every time he came very timely loading and unloading, the price is very fair and never wild speculations.But my heart has always been very disgusted with him.  One day Lao Qiu drunk in the vicinity, and to me looked for water.I am disgusted him an alcohol, he thought to stay.But he was drunk, thinking to let him drink tea wake of wine before you go, afraid of his accident.He was open to talking, peremptorily to put his experience told me: “My child, my mother grew up fatherless are sick and died.I grew up in the educated youth point “Lao Qiu and drink tea point out some sweat, his face a good point.  ”I grew up is a little bastard, no way, no parents behind me.This world no one can help me, I can only whole body covered with thorns, no matter what experience I can only rely on their own.I was bullied as a child, my little beat him.I have no hair Jiaque bastard into his writing case.In class he was “ah” is heard on wet his pants.This class classmates laugh ah!He no longer dare to bully me, but I was punished to stand the whole afternoon.There bully my teacher, I have a bucket of water on the classroom door sticks, the teacher poured into Iceman, big winter, cold teacher.I was criticized school, the principal told me to go I personally training.I sometimes Baodabuping of.Educated youth point of the object and sister party secretary’s daughter married, I gave her revenge.I got into a new house, they will be tied chili cotton lit up, thrown into the vegetable cellar of the house in.Useless to open the door after midnight release smoke ah!That choke ah!That spicy ah!They are a choking nose a tear, toss a night, ha ha ha.”He comes here is a look of pride.”I did not have a child would steal, steal production team cabbage, corn burning steal to eat, just eat, I eat, grasping grasshopper, La La mantis, eat rats are burning.Today a watermelon steal, steal a chicken out.Look watermelon watermelon stealing the old man thrust me, call me ‘Wild Child’.Watermelon rot in the ground I do not want to eat.I secretly went to the top of the chimney of his Guapeng plug the old man on a cooking smoke to choke him cruelly.He called me a wild child. “.  Lao Qiu murmured repeated, said that he was very sad eyes, full of sadness: “As a boy I miss home a New Year ah!I have no home, I want to father and mother ah!”Then his eyes were red, tears running down his cheeks slightly old oozed down.Just very cheerful, gloomy face was suddenly down.It is clear to see Guapeng old man stung his heart, let him remember so many years.I know what to do, I do not know how to comfort him.His wry smile: “drunk, so you laughed, I have to go.”.Lao Qiu shook gone when local.From his back at the past, he’s obviously some camel back, but I actually feel his frail body is so tough…..  This came after unloading the old Qiu, if not many, still dangling, like drunk.But his put-structured point.I will pick up some clothes for him: “Brother to change to something else!This clothes do not change will become the ‘armor’ of the “.Lao Qiu Han Han smile, cute.I liked him more.Sometimes they did not get up early to eat, I’ll give them to cook some noodles, or buy bread.They were too tired, there is no fixed time to eat.After each unloading old Qiu from everyone’s wages will not smoke in the red, he often also take telephone charges.  Every day not long, Lao Qiu with injuries to unload, I am very surprised, and asked: “Who shall stir our big brother ah!”” Ah, yes stevedoring companies that let me into the company, there is red smoke, we earn are ‘hard-earned money’ ah!Companies often smoked red smoke much, and often people steal tons of food, the owner of the stolen goods.I do not want to go, I find a few dozen thugs.who am I!I would be afraid of them!I did not used to them, and I will not go brothers!”He said Yoshimasa words.His image, I was slowly becoming more and more tall up.After several years, are old Qiu handling team for everyone to unload the goods, it is reassuring.Later, after another of his children are married.Due to excessive fatigue, eating is not timely, excessive drinking, old Qiu body is getting weak, the only recuperate at home.After seldom see him again.Although the Lao Qiu life is very difficult, but my mind was to keep the tall justice and conscience!Alive, and we are not easy to live, to live in this society is not fair.When we in the world and no one can help us, we can only rely on ourselves, we can only whole body covered with thorns, just to be able to – to live!    Part Seven: alive people live for what?Birth, kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school, college, community, naive, pure, ignorant, insolent, smooth, dull, introverted.  A child to receive education, to learn the truth, listen, to learn, to this, to that, some of us just accept, but not published, slowly, began the so-called growing up, is required to prove the truth of life with time up, then why should I always feel so ah?Why I can not ah?Why ah?This time it is called home puberty, young and frivolous, that time can only hope to see, no so-called direction, not to involve less confused, then is happy, ideas, ideals, full horsepower.—- then called naive!  Then we started to society, beginning also feel very strange, original not the same as before, began to feel the so-called “freedom”, began to feel success, began to feel the original is some truth in this.  But, slowly, only to find life, this is not the original, original everything there is nothing fair, fair to say, always always someone in front of you, never was able to do first, because the starting point is not the same as, say unfair, perhaps it..Really is fair, everyone in a circle, around a circle of reincarnation, there is no beginning and no so-called end, beginning?Why can not say that is the end?end?Then why it can not be said to be the beginning?Around and around, everyone is on the same round, the difference is your contrast to it, just like the original movie “The Promise”, like, Oh, life, it also needs is a Promise…..  Then, we slowly begin to feel a lot of confusion, encountered many choices, for money, for status, to save face, a deeper level, to comfort, to be more comfortable, to live better, to be more Well, you have to want to get these constantly moving, constantly crawling forward, towards the end of the so-called?(Or coming to an end only to find that someone else starting point) a little bit of crawling forward, then the middle on the face of many choices, in order to correct the orientation and make choices, some happy, because this is their unexpected , and some may be struggling, tangled, pain, unwilling to give up, no matter what, so are slowly coming.  By this time, it is almost twenty three four, twenty fifty-six, whether you work in a circle climbed far, and this time you have to face what you want to have to accept a face, and love!Whether you are forced, voluntary, desire, passive and active, you find this topic do not know when your circle has come up, and this time maybe we have to face the choice, some people happy , happy, happy, some people desire, some people struggle, some people entangled, suddenly found this thing that seems unable to figure out what it is, it is not defined, it has no track, it is not the law, it may come very suddenly, it may not be any reason like men said the same gang, like you need a reason, love is love, and that this time maybe someone will feel very firm, steadfast, maybe someone will think that the future it very confused….  For love, like you is like, there is no reason, love is love, without any scruples, can not change the past, live in the present now, after the same thing is done, and now live in the now, then this is the future, seize the current now, is the future, to think clearly, to seize, seize, is the future….  This, it almost, after feeling I do not know, because I only lived to be here, on this round only climbed up here, behind me I climbed far, how far in front of the middle that node in any place.

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