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Joe blossoming is the lack of a warm woman.When his father’s body was driven to the face of the whole truck lost time, lost her palm temperature; when the mother bear to lonely remarry, her body is no more embrace; when the stepfather of the children born in this world she knew she was to become the world’s children abandoned.  In fact, the family did not smoke quarrel, but Joe blossoming hate each other’s humble, not only the stepfather, and even her mother always look carefully.She began to miss the tie overall with a beard her father, love to sleep around her mother, even those unscrupulous bickering.  So lonely Mood for Love.A man called Kang Jialiang into her heart, so that he no longer recalls when her warm.Then six months later, he has been very aloof Joe blossoming to accept Kang Jialiang.She will always remember he once said to her seriously, blossoming, smiling face you can not always hide his sadness.  Joe blossoming and Kang Jialiang is met in a bar.Joe blossoming of virtual silence because the family is addicted bar, and Kang Jialiang bar is known for bartenders.He is not necessarily a handsome man, but that first-hand tricks cocktail bar all the effort to make women shriek.But Joe blossoming not scream, Kang Jialiang he said she was a very special woman, eyes filled with pure depression.  Joe blossoming after this bar is often skipping to the place, no one wants to bother only fifteen years old, she month.So people think she was a little girl, so Joe blossoming once wearing sexy Touming Zhuang bulging breasts of a smiling old man, but when the old man heard her only fifteen years old when he flew round like a roll Like barrel.Finally, only Kang Jialiang willing to walk into her world, she felt a warm feeling of being clenched.  The first time, Kang Jialiang to find her phone number.Joe blossoming do not give, carrying a small head contemptuously, what makes you qualified?!Kang Jialiang grabbed her shoulders 往沙发上一 fell, desperately kissed her lips, neck, and that is not fully developed breasts.Joe blossoming feel hurt hurt, it bit him, the blood falls too salty bitter mouth.  Everyone drew laughter from the bar, then Kang Jialiang grabbed the hand of Joe blossoming shouted, laughing laughing, she is my girlfriend.  Later, Kang Jialiang Joe blossoming continue to send text messages to call, give her the cutest little puppet birthday when still, buy the most beautiful birthday cake for her.That even the mother regarded her birthday forgotten, Joe blossoming will feel the warmth of a long absence, she gently peck on the forehead, said Kang Jialiang, I’ll be your girlfriend, okay?  That night the storm came very arrogant, twigs crackling in the wind.Joe blossoming feel pain in the lower body a burst of tears warm fingers intertwined, and then have plenty of fluids gush out.Finally, she heard a slight sound Kang Jialiang, blossoming, we want to be together forever.  (B) Joe blossoming constantly rubbing his clothes, leaving a loss at heart the words.  Ann became a teacher’s face was liver-colored rose, angrily said Joe blossoming, and in the end you fool around with someone every day which?!You are just a fifteen-year-old kid, how will they bear children?Ann teacher tried to restrain emotions, he said Joe blossoming, as long as you tell me who did it, as long as you go to knock down a child, we would not pursue the matter.  In addition to rubbing clothes, Joe blossoming has been shaking his head, no action and speech.Geese flying over the sky above the group of a group, the wings of freedom without leaving any trace in the pure blue in.Joe blossoming heavy heart suddenly settle down, become lax attention from the firm, lips make a slight noise, Ann teacher, I dropped out of it.  Out of school, Joe blossoming been excited.She shook a finger pressing the phone button, the phone while idle sound, the sound Kang Jialiang finally fed up floating.Joe blossoming almost ecstatic to say that it Liang?School discovered I was pregnant, I automatically dropped out, then I can accompany you every day of the.Followed by a burst of quiet, and then the phone tones blind.Joe blossoming head buzzing, she frantically redial, leaving only empty but the sound of the blind.  In desperation, Joe blossoming disheartened back home.Mother and stepfather are an aggressive look, surely must know what she is pregnant.Several biting cold stinging slap fell on his face, but Joe blossoming into a rage up, this is your fault!You only care about their own children, I had never tube!Then, she rushed back to her room, shut the bedroom door earth-shattering.  Middle of the night, Joe blossoming suddenly awakened by a slight wind.Outside the living room was dark, only vaguely saw his mother faint light under the door, and mothers wept quietly.Joe blossoming did not bother whispered whispered hands and feet through the living room all the way to the study, in a dark drawer Hu dig for a long time, and then quickly ran out of the house.  Dropped a coin in the phone booth, crisp sound is bright in the night.Joe blossoming of breath to say, Liang, I have a lot of money, you take me away, please?The farther the better, as long as we’re together.  Kang Jialiang seemed still asleep, hazy sound, blossoming, and you hit a child, before we even went as good?  Joe blossoming completely ignored, only to shout and Liang, I really have a lot of money.You wait for me, we went to elope.  He hung up the phone, only to find when Joe blossoming out too hastily forget the shoes.Yeliangrushui, she had to do barefoot through the downtown bus station, and then diffuse Lancai flavor farmers market, and finally to the home of Kang Jialiang.A very small space, which smell like a foot odor, he said dreamily sleepy eyes, you come.  Kang Jialiang to sleep, snoring sound in a small room echoed ghostly.Joe blossoming feel this is a bit different from before him, but still carefully leaning on his arm.Kang Jialiang hugged her, his hands groping ripped off her clothes, her body rampage.Joe blossoming feel fear, constantly shouting at heart, Liang, I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant.  (C) Kang Jialiang said, blossoming, I want to take you to the South’s most prosperous city, then we are always together.Joe blossoming in the south of the train blasted holding his waist, said Liang, you go I will go.  The scenery constantly back, Joe blossoming eyes were becoming increasingly bright sunlight made rolling into.Tears splashed down on him, she seemed to see a baby’s cute, but a touch deflated belly, she turned to think of high-rise buildings in the south, as well as beautiful sandy beaches.  Kang Jialiang asked how she shed tears.Joe blossoming a look of satisfaction, just wind and sand to the eyes.  This really is the most prosperous city.Lined with luxurious buildings, broad shiny road, men and women dressed in trendy.Joe blossoming right hand clasped Kang Jialiang, felt both fear and excitement.  Kang Jialiang blossoming with Joe to see his buddy, and then half-smiled and said, She is my girlfriend.Gang of men ages and laughed saying, Well you Liang, when tastes change, ah?But still just fine, certainly not a good feeling right.Joe blossoming some fear their conversation, stood timidly behind Kang Jialiang.  Then, with a Kang Jialiang Joe blossoming out of the money stolen in the city’s most obscure corner rented a house, and narrow and damp, only a bed.But Joe blossoming feel so satisfied because she heard his voice confident, blossoming, I went to work tomorrow, and then we went to live in the house opposite.Joe blossoming looked on his hand, do not fall through the eyes of his head out the window, the house has the most beautiful city lights.  Because no adult, Joe blossoming only stay a day a humid room to pass the time.Occasionally I go out, but it was an array of goods, but the weight of her breath, out of the money has been stolen again and again to take the light Kang Jialiang.But he went home to face every day is getting ugly, and sometimes saw her scolded blanket, see you upset, I just have to be like a living dead possessor.Joe blossoming do not speak, do the dishes put eleven small wooden table, with a very weak voice, said Liang, a month to the money to buy food.Kang Jialiang but pushes the food, to kick her belly kicks, full of anger and said, smelly *****, just know that spend money, spend money only know!  That night, Joe blossoming huddled in the foot of the bed do not want to touch it Kang Jialiang.Kang Jialiang but Yibalaguo her body bears down on her, she felt severe abdominal pain.She wanted to push him, but they heard him say, blossoming, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I did not mean.No strength to resist an instant, she thought he still loves her.  After the Passion, Kang Jialiang Joe blossoming in my arms, a look of apology saying, blossoming, you blame me?Joe blossoming has long been embraced melting, smiled and shook his head.Kang Jialiang kissed her forehead, said meaningfully, blossoming, today there is a company let me go to an interview, but spent all the money, I could not even a decent clothes are not, I would not pass the test of.Joe blossoming do not know how to do, just anxious hung his head.  Kang Jialiang see she did not speak, immediately he said, blossoming, and now only you can help me.As long as you are willing to work with one of my buddies one night, and he will give us a lot of money.  (D) Joe blossoming think this is the last time, this must be the last.To their lives, Joe blossoming again and again to sell their bodies.In the Golden Rose, she is the hottest woman, because of her blossoming age and pure in the eyes of others will never be.Many men come, only to find the feeling of first love in her body, but the passion of the bed is never changed.  Kang Jialiang no longer every few days ran out to find work, clothes and shoes are quietly mixed on the brand.Then he told Joe blossoming, blossoming, I got a promotion, the company must look at all the people to act in my face.So, because he is no longer living expenses each month and blossoming angry.Joe blossoming suddenly felt satisfied, he behaved to accompany her..  Many times, Joe blossoming are used almost pleading tone, said Liang, we have so much money.I do not go to the Golden Rose, OK?Kang Jialiang always stall and said, blossoming, first slow for some time now, wait until I get the manager’s position, I do not want you to go to the Golden Rose, and you also go to the big house to live across from.Joe blossoming will be in all sorts of men under the illusion their big house frequently.  Because long-term relationships occur with a variety of men, Joe blossoming pants feel uncomfortable itching, severe gynecological diseases.She ran home crying, said Liang, I was sick, I do not go to the Golden Rose.Kang Jialiang said first around her, gynecological diseases only, there is nothing to fear, not the rule will be good.But she was still crying, Kang Jialiang they were wildly clutching her put her against the wall repeatedly said, the woman dirty, dirty woman, you are unlucky not to get me ah!  Joe blossoming still could not go to the doctor.Since the diffusion of the lower body odor, fewer and fewer men came to her.Joe blossoming was fortunate, so good, so Kang Jialiang would not want her to go to the Golden Rose.But she once again disappointed, Kang Jialiang’s increasingly erratic temper, and even rare.He no longer touch her, even the eyes are showing disgust.  Later, Joe blossoming can not stand the lower body itching, took two hundred dollars in his pocket went to the clinic next to the Golden Rose a humble doctor when asleep while Kang Jialiang.That old doctor adjusted her glasses, mouth fell open, said the little girl, your gynecological disease is the worst I have ever seen.As a result, the old doctor took a large bag of medicine for her.Red, yellow, white, pills of various colors scrubbing agent Joe blossoming fear to tears in straight sets.  Qiaoduoduoti with a big bag of medicine with a heavy heart returned home, she was exhausted efforts to kick with his foot Kang Jialiang, wildly crazy to say, are you, are you, are you not good.Sleeping Kang Jialiang add more fire on fire, her hair twisted by the bed, covered her with a quilt that bitch, I’ll call you trouble, I’ll call you trouble.Joe blossoming hands desperately to resist, but how useless.  After kicking, they despair of silence.Kang Jialiang break the quiet, hard to say, blossoming, I hate to steal my money woman, we separate it.Joe blossoming dark eyes look to add a hint of panic, I grabbed his arm and said, Liang, do not leave me.You do not leave me ah.You hit me, you hit me, I will not steal your money.As long as you do not leave me like, as long as you do not leave me my Kang Jialiang nothing happens, throw off Joe blossoming, and went straight disappeared in her line of sight (five) seventeenth birthday that day, is gold rose a few little sisters had accompanied Joe blossoming.She sat in front of the beautiful birthday cake, quietly falling in the hands of the puppet doll.Joe finally blossoming unsuspecting remembered that she had run away from home for two years, and she has done more than a year of prostitutes.  Most of the time outside of work, Joe blossoming stay in the narrow and damp house.In fact, life is no longer short of money, because she has been enchanting guests to discuss how to better understand the favor by obedience in exchange for more money.Moreover, Kang Jialiang never took her money, and she even feel that they are rich!.But she wanted to stay in this house, she still felt, Kang Jialiang loved her, he would come back one day.  Joe blossoming wanted to go home.She wanted more than a few gray hairs to some mother, stepfather and bent a certain point, their children will certainly walk.Sometimes nostalgic for the once good, even if the original is there another family, mother never forgot her every day to cook a bowl of sugar water, her stepfather but never beaten.Suddenly she burst into tears up, but let too many good reasons for her lost home.  In addition, Joe blossoming also wanted to earn enough money in the future will no longer stay in the Golden Rose, and she was going to a small town to find a beloved man, and then live a quiet and happy life.But a life of luxury is always forgotten in a time of conviction, she is always bustling city dazzled.The man said the gang, a woman like you, can never be escaped.She again struggled in the man’s body, but after all, obedience.  Sometimes, Joe blossoming will write something.Often in the night market some time ago, she put most of the focus on your own blog, text is not beautiful and there are many typos, but released her anguish of heart.Sometimes her words as our own lives.Later, Joe blossoming on the blog met a woman with a colorful character, her smile filled with longing for light.She unreservedly to talk to the woman about her past, present and dreams.She even begged With tone asked, my sister, I was able to come out of it?Video of the pure hearted woman smiled, her sister, a certain energy.I look forward to you the most beautiful smile in a sunny place.  Out of the cafe, early spring wind swept the face, Joe blossoming feel ease of mind.She stubbed the cigarette butts, and even puts on a beautiful ballad, it was her home ditty.Traveled through the streets of neon lights, she told herself, Joe blossoming, and this is the last time you went to the Golden Rose..

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