98% of success is to spend time to find

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My friend Bill is a successful speaker and author, I like to watch the birds in their leisure time.A few years ago, Bill bought a new house, near the lush vegetation.The first weekend after the arrival, he was in the backyard and installed a bird feeder.At dusk that day, a group of squirrels prostrate bird feeders, eat the food inside, scared the birds scattered away.In the next two weeks, Bill brains to come up with various ways to make squirrels away from bird feeders, he could without the use of violence.But did not work.  In desperation, he went to a local hardware store.There he found a distinctive bird feeder (with barbed wire), there is a inviting name, called anti-squirrel bird feeder.This time can ensure foolproof, he bought it and installed in the backyard.But before dark, squirrel blatantly patronizing the anti-squirrel bird feeder, the bird still scare.  This time, Bill suffered a crushing defeat.He detached bird feeder, back to the hardware store, quite angrily demands the return.Hardware store manager replied: Do not worry, I will give you return, but you have to understand: there is nothing in this world can be a real squirrel proof bird feeder.Bill was surprised and asked: Do you want to tell me, we can put people into space base, the information can be transmitted anywhere in the world within a few seconds, but we most cutting-edge scientists and engineers can design and produce a truly effective bird feeder, that the brain can only pea outer barrier rodent animals?You mean to tell me these.Yes ah, the manager said, but will not take you long.Bill curiosity flourished and asked him to put a little more careful.Store manager said: Sir, to explain it, I have to ask you two questions.First of all, how much time you spend on average each day, so the squirrels away from your bird feeder?Bill thought for a moment, replied: I do not know, probably 10 to 15 minutes a day of it.  And about the same I guess, the manager said, and now, please answer my second question: “How much time do you think those squirrels spend every day trying to break into your bird feeder it?”Knowing the Vilma: awake all the time in squirrel.  This story inspired me a strong interest, I even purposely conducted some research on squirrel.The original squirrels do not sleep, 98% of their time looking for food.In front of the single-minded intention squirrel brains of human wisdom, the advantages of physique retreat!  To do better, you do not necessarily need to design even more brilliant, more sophisticated science.All it takes is to target distractions, put all the time, play all the talents.If you are more focused than your opponent, you will be able to throw them behind.

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