960 failures with a successful change

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This year 70-year-old car is Sishun Busan, South Korea An elderly woman, her name is Sishun car, but she admitted to driving license of the road does not even shun.    Car Sishun born in a peasant family, childhood was spent in hard labor, and not only in formal evening reading a couple of years.Years later married, the car has always been a law-abiding Sishun housewife, all day only for household chores and busy.Ten years ago, her children have grown up, and each had a good job, the car Sishun life only gradually began to return to self.    One day in 2005, the car Sishun going to Seoul to visit an old relative, the eldest son drove her to make, but the eldest son has chosen to no time, so they can only take the bus.Road, car Sishun thought, if he would like to drive.Know the mother has to learn to drive like the idea of two children are opposed to a mother older, and secondly, there is no culture, let alone driving, is also not written this off by!    But the car Sishun start driving test efforts, above all learn culture.She went to borrow some pupils used the old textbooks, students word, dictionary, met do not know where, but also often seek help from neighbors, is to first write up in the morning, before going to sleep at night is a meditation vocabulary and texts.We insist on this self-two and a half, she met a lot of new words, however, for the first time to sign up for the written test, she took the test two points, precisely, in a multiple-choice questions touch on two points!    After the first test fails, the car driving school to review the information Sishun a written test drive.Since then, the review has become the main theme of her life each day.Originally favorite TV shows do not read, three meals a day also to choose the most convenient food, even to the middle of the night, she often wears a pair of reading glasses carefully review the information already turned the dilapidated.    Foundation for poor people so the car Sishun, there are no little progress will be very excited, so she almost five days a week, once a day to participate in the written driving test.But she also do not understand the meaning of some driving terms, can only remember some of the questions and answers and more as much as possible, sometimes obviously the same problem, just because some little changes in the sentence, she would not answer the.    Sishun car but did not give up her own crooked on the wall and wrote the words and never give up.    Three and a half later, the car Sishun in every weekday to the examination, has been exam 949 times, although never failed before, but the results also have been rising steadily.Finally, in April 2011 the day she was first written 950 times in order to pass a written score of 62, after two months, she spent 10 times before he passed the driving skills test and a road test.    Learning new words begin to run from the car Sishun spent a total of six years, after 960 failures, finally do so to get a driver’s license, each to participate in an examination in Korea will pay a $ 5 fee, so in order to test this driver’s license, Sishun car has spent a total of $ 4800.    It is particularly worth mentioning is that the car’s test drive experience Sishun attracted a well-known South Korean car company’s attention, while they congratulate Sishun to the car, giving it a very high-end car Sishun car, and the high pay to hire her car ads, while the phrase slogan, only can be understood as a car Sishun own mentality sentiment, but also can be understood as a product or a spirit of enterprise: a thousand times the test is our perseverance It leads to victory!

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