92 years old, profound feelings of love

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Love, is really quite simple.  Years later if you are in a beautiful spot instead of skin, gave a generous shoulder to rely on you become powerless.  If you smile years later can not cover folds of his face, who walks hand in hand into the present mix away from each other.  If many years later, once he was a sweet old guy to eat replaced.  If many years later, we slowly grow old together always thought he understand love, but when I saw the 78-year-old aunt careful care of the head of 92-year-old, I understand what love is, what it is to grow old, sickness and death leave not abandon the.Everything about love languages are difficult to express in that moment.The gap between 14-year-old, a young man of pure love, poverty may not be a problem, can not be isolated from, the age gap is no more.Everything in the face of love will become a trivial thing.I do not know how much happiness, joy, brawl in the middle of life, but I see aunt always called the old man smiled and feed you dinner time, my eyes wet, I think this is the true meaning of love.  Heads suffering from Alzheimer’s perennial inability to move the limbs accompanied by lying in bed, walking can only rely on a wheelchair.Incapacitated heads, all the time need people around to help him to eat his watering, body side lay for a long time to help him turn over body.Because dementia, if you do not remind him easily incontinence of urine, so as to make him comfortable body scrub should always help him.Guangzhou has a subtropical climate, mainly hot and humid weather all year round, if you catch the rainy season often ten days of wet, young people very often difficult to adapt, it is difficult to imagine a person’s aunt hard all these years.Sometimes aunt could not help yawning in the car, I knew she was too tired, this age of the person should be someone to take care of her, I want as much as possible to lower the speed to make her comfortable with a good rest.Aunt also tired when angry, stubborn heads do not want to go out activities, do not want to sleep, urinary incontinence do not change clothes, a big toilet on constipation for several days, a drain on more than one hour but could not, aunt can only wear gloves a little bit out whenever aunt would pull so angry he shot the old man said, you want to exhausted me, heads will be aggrieved hesitated to say: you go you go.Aunt answer, if I would have gone away you know is responsible for the beginning of their trip home, when a lot of people told me, great aunt temper at home, very easy to get along, so many people do not want to go, saying the mood for these listen intentionally.I am also very inconsistent, but that is work, the first soldier is to obey orders.Through these days to get along, I think I’m beginning to understand why it is so tough aunt, get along well, not only in the real world where, in the army, too, their government in its place, but for many years the head of retirement and sick all year round, it can not now Renzouchaliang, also be changed, to speak to him now difficult, if aunt does not speak out, it might be different results.  Call when I told my mom and my aunt what life now, my mom say, life is, love is such a young man vows, saying forever, so after some disappointments in life, the two of friction , a lot of things have gone, until the old, two people are afraid of them a go, and return to the original love, care about each other carefully, take care of, but less sweet when young.Love is actually very simple, little old to be husband and wife with.Two people love each other together, there will be all kinds of difficulties, but if you really love, two people together to encourage the face, even if you assume a person, no matter how tough it will not complain, and so after the old you, look back to go with over the years, you’ll be glad of each other in this life helped each other, accompany each other, care for each other.  After the end of it, I have been thinking about my life, my love, perhaps I want to live, to love, I have been striving for.But one thing I think I clearly understand: I will cherish, love my woman, if many years later, we grow old together, and I hope I can walk behind you, so you do not live too lonely, because children I do not know about you deeply, to cut you love, I will be more and more good care of you, love you.Finally, let’s leave you happy, with a happy smile.  So, for the future well-being, in order to live a few more years than you, I want health, I want to come on, I want to.I love you for everything.

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