9 classic inspirational story: the pursuit of ecstasy

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9 classic inspirational story: the pursuit of ecstasy inspirational sentiment: ecstasy is a shortcut to success.Only in this environment, people would go beyond their own shackles, the release of the greatest energy. Do not put yourself as a mouse, or certainly anchored eaten.In 1858, a wealthy Swedish people gave birth to a daughter.Soon, however, children infected with an unexplained paralysis, widowed the ability to walk.Once, the girl went to a family boat trip.The captain’s wife to the children about the master has a bird of paradise, she was fascinated by the description of the bird, most want to see for himself.So nanny to the children stay on the deck, find their own captain.Children lost patience waiting, she asked the waiter immediately took her to see the bird of paradise.That waiter did not know the girl’s legs can not walk, but simply to see the bird with her a beautiful bird cut.A miracle happened, the girl because of excessive desire, actually selflessly pulled waiter’s hand, slowly walked up.Since then, the child’s illness will be all the more the.Girls grow up, they selflessly put into literary creation, and finally became the first woman awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, she is Xi Erma.La 萝芙.

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